In 2013 Karna Reese Thomas wrote “The Origin”.  His operate presents an ancient tale culled from scriptural and cultural research.  The accrue? A complex tale of mankind caught in a opening between order and chaos. Most heroic tales of this kind present a “favorable versus evil” or “the gods against man” storyline. The Origin differs by its premise of angels as multi-dimensional beings who are at superiority with each other.   Mankind, as the object of their attention is alone caught in the middle.

Although The Origin takes set in ancient times the story place along the side of and the experiences of the characters are presented in a same modern day environment.

What is equable more fascinating about the work are the physical experiences that drove the author to scribble it.  The book was published in 2013.  Because of the world of matter of the story – weaving ancient general concepts and experiences into present-day scenarios –  The Origin seemed onward of it’s time three years gone.  Unfortunately, the violent scenarios unfolding in America today between police and citizens reflects the experiences presented in The Origin form the story immediately relevant.

The SF Gazette interviewed the contriver to understand why he wrote the part and what he hopes readers self-reliance take away from it.

When asked why he wrote the book, Thomas afore~, “A lot of what the mainstream media presents that I am exposed to respecting what they call African Americans, Africans or doleful people all over the world is not upright.   Most of what is presented through the media is derogatory, disrespectful and demeaning to me.  Very often what is presented as African American characters or horrible characters are mostly about the struggle of those characters confined to a regularity that oppresses them.  Many of the characters are mix with ~s dealers, criminalized personalities or at most good sports/entertainment figures who have gained glory and perhaps financial freedom – within the corresponding; of like kind system.  Unfortunately, these characters are presented like role models.”

“Whenever you claim people, “Why is there in such a manner much prejudice against black people? or “Why is there so much racism?” There isn’t a close or reasonably acceptable answer. I needed a thing more than “because you’re black’ or ‘you came from Africa’ or that ‘you were slaves’ or level different.  Those answers didn’t  adequately elucidate why I’ve had the experiences that I’ve had in life. None of them were adequate .  So I dug deep within myself, I dug deep into biblical texts. I did cultural/historical scrutiny and I came to one settlement.  Our perspective and our actual feeling as a people is the strangest tale ever told!“

He laughed, “A great number of people have shared with me through the years that they think that some people are aliens and this, that and the other, I don’t in reality believe that. I began research by reading the King James version of the pure bible in the English language. I likewise read the Tanakh which is the experienced testament written in Hebrew, the script is aramaic, but the spelling is Hebrew according to the encyclopaedia and lexicons. I also read the Book of Jasher and the Book of Enoch. I peruse The Apocrypha.”

When asked hind part before the significance of the ancient the holy scriptures to the academic culture today, Thomas explained, “I suppose at some point in history somebody had an experience similar to what we are having today and they wrote it below the horizon.  Some of the things you fall upon in these books are too momentous to disregard. Some of the intelligence in the ancient texts speaks to things that are our actual feeling today.”

“I decided to indite to that perspective!  I unwavering to present a real perspective that doesn’t pre-pre~ that the only power there is belongs to the the open oppressors. I titled the book The Origin. Writing from the of eld texts – including biblical texts – I presented the of old time story behind “this current story” copy its roots – if you will – to a efficient ~ that is much bigger than what we perceive today.”

Thomas explained the story equinoctial circle. In The Origin, mankind are routinely kidnapped and taken mysterious within the earth. In the story, the main characters are also kidnapped and bestow 18 hours in the deep of the land.  Within the earth there is a without fault city including a palace (living shelter), parking for their unique crafts, subterraneous trains and a large – several levels shrewd – laboratory where experiments are carried audibly using humans. The story presents that the lords of creation has become subject to treatment that not singly limits their freedom but has made their life experience miserable.

The perpetrators are mixed breeds who are things being so carrying out the directions of the angels who have strayed from their divinely ordered tasks. These special angels are experimenting and creating their confess unique combinations of human life.  To obstruct mankind from understanding the nature and cause of their problems, layers of misinformation are by stipulation to the “public” that at this moment includes both mankind and the blended breeds that have become integrated into a differing society. The story ends as the conduce characters escape to the surface with the help of the angels who are gentle committed to their purpose.  The beneficial angels are literally carrying out their duty to bind the angels that gain caused the chaos.

Thomas says, The Origin draws from one as well as the other mythological and ancient scriptural characters. Queen Korah is the sign Persephone, who was taken to the underworld.  The variation is that in The Origin, she is again of a soldier than a princess/goddess. Mathew – Salah is based on the biblical character Methuselah the grandfather to the scriptural character Noah.  Thomas says,  “I changed the biblical names to reflect their Hebrew orthography.  Thomas explained that Mathew and Salah are names that are distil in use today and are for that more likely to have been the give an appellation to of the original biblical character.  In The Origin, Mathew-Salah the central habitual conduct, the observer, is also clairvoyant even supposing this aspect of his character is not clearly presented. Mathew-Salah is moving under the direction of the seraph Raphia’Allah.

Another character in the work is Enoch, spelled Khanowak.  “Khanowak is a human personal traits who through discipline and training has achieved a of the same rank that is higher than the angels.  He is the role-model of what humanity can achieve.” Thomas explained.

There are five direct angel Characters, three are “good” angels and pair are “villains” in the romance.  The angel characters are not presented to the degree that good or evil but rather being of the kind which angels who either continue their purpose or are self-serving having “left their assigned duties” to strive for their own interests.  Their “goodness” or “evilness” is the discernment of the people whose lives accept become adversely affected by the self-serving angels.  They are likewise referred to as Serpent Stars.

Thomas explained that glossology are critically important in clarifying the names of his characters and in telling the story. He says it is of moment to understand the names of the Angels – Allah is one ancient word that means power, authorization, god-like or god figure. “I don’t intend the ancient word was used exclusively to give the signification of the universal principle being that is known as god.  Upon the emergence of Islam, Allah was defined of the same kind with god.” he says. “I selected these names based upon what I believe is their Hebrew orthography.”  His attention to language is to facilitate telling the ancient stories that are in the compass of the texts, but form much of the base of our current belief systems today.

“My strength angel characters are based on characters in the of old time texts. In The Origin, they are named Raphia’allah, Auryallah and Myaka’allah. The preparatory villain in the story is Azazi-allah, he is the historical dominator -Azazel in the book of Enoch – of the fallen angels. All of the angelic characters are “lords of light” they work light to create.” My especially liked villain is Saraka’allah.

“Saraka’allah had total of the insidiousness, attributes and interests that changed the run of mankind. In The Origin he is the wild scientist.  I wanted the reader to procure to him before Azaziallah.  He was scarier than Azaziallah. “Azaziallah  wanted a thing that he saw that was made conducive to something else.  This is what caused him to displace himself from his rightfully ordered calling. He is a creation that has a purpose, but that by his wanting another thing and personation on his desire, he moves from his broad way displacing everything else around him. In compare, Azaziallah was more pitiful. Queen Korah looked at him pitifully.  The tendency of action the story ends, you will perceive that the Azaziallah character was other foolish and pitiful than the that creeps upon one unawares monster that he was intended to have existence.”

The Origin has a division of information and topics that are woven into the untruth.  “The biggest challenge was getting all the information from the diverse sources to sync together. If a body reads The Origin and something grabs someone’s regard, it would probably be easier as far as concerns me to address those things individually. I didn’t truly go into all the details of the other angels, excepting they are present in the battles presented in the fabrication.”

Thomas continued, “Today, we esteem all this hybridization such as the sort of we do with food and laboratory experimentation going without interrupti~. Almost to the point where you ~ of like as an African American or anything it is they want to summons us, you feel like you are made to represent nature.”

“The current system tells you respecting evolution, why?  Because whoever is at the back of this system  wants you to rely upon that as a black person you are closer to that what one. has been evolved from. They are the fresh and better invention because they bear evolved from whatever it is that you are.This is everything very much part of the tale and the story can’t have effect sense unless you understand the terraqueous globe we are living in now for all of the elements are in in that place.”

In response to the preternatural presentation of his story, Thomas shared, “Our view on what is supernatural must exist corrected.  There is nothing beyond the powers of nature.  There is nature. Everything that occurs is a contingency within nature. We have been mis-educated.  We imagine of things from a naive mark of view.  How many humbler classes are aware that when you conference about sorcery, (according to the the word of god) the word sorcery in greek is “pharmacea” and this is a word we still use today.  The vocable versions are pharmacology, pharmaceutical, pharmacy!”

“There is a practicality that we own lost because we have accepted this fictional characteristic of view.  We have taken attached the idea or viewpoint of “hocus pocus” to the degree that magic. We are not looking at it not crooked.  We think of “potions” taken in the character of if it were some form of ~ substance you drink that will produce one outcome!  We don’t stand still to think of a “potion” that be possible to come in the form of a barren pill that alters your physiology ~ the sake of a while!”

“We are tense by those who push the unfolding theory, that people of ancient periods were not as intelligent or informed taken in the character of we are today.  But who carry into practice we know who implemented civilization in the bygone time, but us? What they call African commonalty!  I don’t believe that the persons who lived in the past would be under the necessity been any more impressed to know a television set, than me!”

“Let’s confer about why I used the period of time “Sudras.” In India in that place has been a caste system. If you are murky, you are Sudra. You are the lowest human in that participation. When people think of the Indian culture they think of it as a same old culture and as such it has some degree of respect. However the Sudras, in the absence of rights also experience the same racist owe a grudge to that African Americans have.

In answer to the inquiry, why the Sudras are hated, Thomas shared,

“That is a act of asking that I can’t answer since I don’t truly have some answer that makes sense! The without more answer I am ever given is that they hold dark skin! There has to be a basis. When people ask me if I am racist, the answer is none. However they don’t have the right framework to understand how we arrived at this composite system of hatred.

When asked allowing that he is angry, Thomas said, “Yes! I am crazy, I be obliged been driven insane! I’ve been pushed end that “envelope” so to deliver, to the point of sheer craziness but I’ve emerged at a salient trait where I am experiencing sheer clarity!” He laughs! “I possess fallen all the way through the get the better of to where I am now forward top of my understanding of this experience!” Thomas explained that he has been pushed in this way far that he had to search and find the truth.

The Origin seeks to reply that question from the ancient texts, he explained,  “I wish people to look far beyond American history.  I am so sick and tired of being redirected to slave ships when I follow knowledge about myself. Our bloodlines are remote older than the slave ships. African Americans and Africans are not honorable indigenous to Africa. According to my study, people ran into Africa avoiding the bondman trades.  Who were they face to face with that?”

“We (so called African Americans) are considered a sacred people, I want to say a magical the masses! So what if – and this is haughty – what if we are the stamp of people who when we treat things they become real?  So, that could throw light upon why our language was illegal. Why was it further important to take away our speech than any other group.  No other form into ~s has had their language taken from home like our group has. So which was it? Why is it that whereas we speak a certain way (cant) everyone seems to follow suit? What was and is happening there? There is some function there.  I make no doubt of words, sounds and parts of the wrangling we use are functions in and of themselves. When you rollicking time out into a three-dimensional cosmos using words atoms are affected by their sound. You can call it come short you want, spellcraft, mantras!“

“I reliance that readers will look back in time – expect way deep, stop looking at their tyranny. I am so tired of the fault-finding. I want readers to come begone with how strange this experience is, as antidote to me as a black man gone ~ here.  My experience (of racism) is not erect, it doesn’t make sense and it is not right.

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