Theurgy Vs. Psychology

As a budding recent theurgist, I often heard that witchcraft was nothing more than psychology. I knew this was false but I never had an abstract that could hold water. I could portion definitions like those below but I had ~t one experience to back them up.

Psychologists try to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social manner, while also exploring the physiological and biological processes that be at the basis of cognitive functions and behaviors.(1)

Theurgy describes the wont of rituals, sometimes seen as magical in mood, performed with the intention of invoking the plot or evoking the presence of the same or more gods, especially with the goal of uniting by the divine, achieving henosis, and perfecting oneself.(2)

Henosis is the word for mystical “oneness,” “union,” or “unison” in classical Greek.(3) In Platonism, and especially Neoplatonism, the goal of henosis is harmony with what is fundamental in substantialness: the One (Τὸ Ἕν), the Source, or Monad.(4)

Any long-winded time reader of this blog have a mind have seen that psychology has a piece to play. I would say that enormous part of my work was material psychology. I do not think other populace would necessarily be the same. It is feasible to mystically hop up levels of awareness. My track was and is more like a serpent, twisting, turning, revisiting, clearing etc. A al~ment of that psychology had to end educating myself on thought processing and pressing out. This had behavioral results which granted communicative benefits. That process also helped to engender myself out of my own advance, at least partially.

Being in your admit way means that one is preventing one’s allow progress by clinging to idea or demeanor that would be best discarded. This is for the perceived benefits of the exemplar are greater than the benefits of extension. The other possibility is that the be afraid of of the pain involved in separating from the exemplar. This occurs because people identify by the idea as part of themselves moderately than understanding the false and insubstantial aggregate of phenomena of thought. The trade their yes worth for the dubious value of some idea of self.

This is made harder because most people do not understand they are livelihood an idea not enjoying a demeanor. For instance, the non-alcoholic that gets ~en at parties is living the form that one is supposed to memorize drunk at parties. It never occurs to him that he is the and nothing else one nor does it matter that he feels mean the next day or worse possess to apologize to someone. He is admitting of real change only after he gives up the model of proper party behavior. Maybe to cozen so, he has to give up the self-perceptivity of I am the life of the company.

What most people really do not hear that severing one’s allegiance to ~y idea is easier than clinging to ~y idea that no longer serves. That discursive faculty is where theurgy becomes easier to differentiate from psychology.

Theurgy has thing of no importance to do with healing as we commonly deliberate of the word. Theurgy does not care in a straight line about changing the behavior. That is the specialty of behavioral psychology. Theurgy has to chouse with living by the ideas that denote the highest level of your energy. These ideas are not based ~ward human morals, ethics or religion. Instead, they are based immediately after what your soul needs to declare in this world.

Thuergy took me to a fort where I could see the Perfection. That was a essential circumstance of mystical union.

Mystical union takes charge when one is not simply invoking deity but allowing there to be no difference (or very little) between oneself and that god. The “I” of self have power to be discarded and reclaimed in an efficient manner. This means a completely foreign presence speaks and exists within you and it is not barely totally normal but a reality deeper than chiefly get to experience. This experience have power to become so deep that I esteem witnessed a person’s eyes construe totally black like a deer’s. I have been told my skin complexion changes during the invocation of certain deities. A self-same experienced Native American that attended the Cult of Hermes told me that my eyes bias ‘other worldly’. Those observations are not the ensue of psychology or pharmacology for that thing!

So how do you transition between working psychologically to theurgically?

I was filled with fear you were going to ask that.

My highest thought is that one reaches magic through intense focus. Psychology often involves the milieu of population in your life, their reactions to you, yours to them, associated meditation process etc. As introspective as it be under the necessity of be this is broad spectrum opinion. Hyper focusing thought upon the godhead being invoked, even if that divinity is nameless or nearly nameless like Aaoz, opens the doorway to close union. Once deep contact is made, the psychology as being further exploration is brought back by you. The more you do this the inferior barriers you face.

The psychology allows the magic which enhances the psychology.

Of all of these conditions, none strike a harmonious tones of anxiety as much as the sexual commerce between B12 deficiency and hair destruction.

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