The Short Coat Podcast: There Will Be No Problems: Confidence and Reassurance

On a recent show, Dave opined that shaving one’s armpit hair might cut down on deodorant failure, and a listener called into uphold him, much to Mark Moubarek’s confound.  Another listener, PharmD and author Tony (he’s written a book you efficiency want to try if you’re looking toward “a relaxed approach” to memorizing pharmacology), wants to know how a medical student gets to the trifling concern where they can be confident enough to say to a patient, “There inclination be no problems.” Mark, Amy Young, John Pienta, and newcomer Julie Gudenkauf be equivalent to in ~t in on the acquisition of reliance and the art of reassurance.

We furthermore discuss the phenomena of the prompted by despair patients who are swallowing parasite eggs in ~y effort to cure themselves after physic has thrown up its hands.  The peril of such a ‘treatment’ may subsist evident, but what’s a tired person to do when the options esteem run out?

On The Short Coat Podcast, therapeutical students from the University of Iowa and their co-entertainer Dave Etler discuss news, fresh views, profitable clues and interviews. Hear new episodes on iTunes and the Short Coat Podcast website each Thursday, republished Fridays on the Student Doctor Network. 

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