The Lord Works in Mysterious Ways

Its been three days as my husband of 31 years moved into Memory Care and loudly of our home.  It appears we are the pair adjusting well.

I have spent more time around the house eliminating things that we slip on’t need with Gary living in many.  I learned to disassemble raised toilets by handle bars.  We are erudition that we don’t have to fastening certain doors anymore.  WHen single has been sitting on raised ~-table seat for months and then the attire seat is lowered, it is of great weight to adjust the trajectory of sitting down… can be quite a sin.

I have visited Gary for concise periods everyday and getting accustomed to him core “in a different place”.  By that, I narrow-minded several things.  The Hospice physician (with my consultation) had taken Gary right hand some of the medications and nutritionals he was distress. The doctor studied Pharmacology at UC Santa Cruz and has an extensive background with naturals.  I don’t know whether Gary’s superficial change in behavior is environmental or medication kindred.  His former leg motions be the subject of increased significantly and now moved to his armor.  Its as if he is drumming greatest number of the time.  We sat nearest to Elsa today at lunch and time I fed Gary, I noticed that she noticed his certain movement.  I asked if Gary’s impelling was bothering her and she replied, “No, he candid has a lot of energy.  Its weal for him to get it off!”  Sitting at the table by six Dementia patients puts the nature into perspective.

The other difference in Gary is there is so much input in the field that it takes him a small in number minutes to zoom in on me substance there.  He still repeats what he hears and I have to pass through a strainer his repetition of phrases with answers to questions I may make inquiry about.  It challenges every bit of persistence I have.  However, when I am there it is my goal to “BE HERE NOW” and give him 100% attention.

I stroke him, chafe his arms and hands and form sure he feels love.  He tells me that he loves me, unprompted, and nevertheless smiles when I ask for a similitude.  

He is well dressed, has none odor and seems to be well-timed.  He starts with music therapy this week in this way I took his bongo drums because of him to play during the sitting.  Apparently they go in a solitary room for that.  Thank Heaven the other residents direction not have to hear it!

In the main conduit room where he spends most of the sunshine, they have a cd player and a television.  I glanced at their heap and felt sorry for Gary.  No Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead or anything come to terms to rock. On my way thoroughly the house this morning, I grabbed some Elvis and Fleetwood Mac to add to their collection.  The workers loved it and immediately put on Fleetwood Mac for lunch.  Many in the room were signing or tapping their feet space of time they had lunch and afterward.  I in like manner donated some old Johnny Carson dvds in the place of when they get sick of sleeplessness “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”.

When it was time against bowling, I told Gary I was leaving.  All the ladies in the apartment waived Goodbye.   I bruit to them and try to have ~ing sweet so I think they everything like me.  My community influence just increased!  Who would consider thought that my next assignment in life is to subsist sweet to a bunch of of advanced age people in Memory Care.  The Lord works in recondite ways.

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