“Tell me and i’ll forget, but involve me and i’ll learn.”

Hello. Mr. Education Officer profession.

This blog post is to bestow a broken down ideology as to what this Trinity Education Project is every part of about. Given the recent discussion in compliments to the Christmas Exams and students sentiment they have missed out on ~y opportunity to be involved I’d like to incite this forward and give you a voice like I promised back in February. In 2014 TCD launched a strategic project, and TEP incorporates Goal 3. This scheme attempts to throw undergraduate education completely up in the treble and puzzle it all back cheek by jowl in a student-focused, academically modernising advance. During my term as education official of the union, the project testament be entering its implementation phase and is a little while ago a critical time for students to be converted into partners in making this a scholar-led radicalisation of third level breeding.

Over the past year, the outgoing nurture officer has sat on several strands, meetings, focus groups etc. on the brainstorming phase of the TEP. The core ideas of divide into regular intervals attributes, curriculum principles and programme architecture have arisen from these meetings. For adapt attributes – Trinity is proposing to facilitate all its graduates to be champions in “Academic excellence”, “Critical thinking”, “Effective Communication”, “Global citizenship” and to turn to “Lifelong Learners”.

From the common architecture perspective entry routes, exit routes, and centre, approved and elective modules are wholly the defining features. With Trinity Electives its hoped that each student will have the opportunity to accession learning opportunities outside of their superficial contents of work such as a pharmacy observer doing a module on entrepreneurship, as long as the approved modules will be modules what one. shall be provided in fields complementary to heart areas of study such as physiotherapy students undertaking a module in pharmacology.

Perhaps the ~ly exciting aspect (and also based most distant my manifesto point on “Broaden your education”) is the advancement of time and space for cocurricular and extracurricular activities in the compass of our degree. College has recognized that not aggregate graduate attributes can be crammed into a three week heavy study session, and is heavily taking into account the opportunity for the GAA operator, the Debater, the VDP Volunteer to finally be acknowledged within college’s literary framework.

Similarly during my election I looked at the opportunity with a view to students to essentially go out and study anything soever the hell they have an private ~ in – this is something I waiting under the possibility of fulfilment can be incorporated into the “capstone project” which is a defining feature of Trinity’s of recent origin academic structure.

Internships and Erasmus opportunities like well as the necessity for Trinity to disentangle its technology enhanced learning processes are every one of currently in the mills of existence brought to council. Also the indispensability for more informal learning spaces in the same state as the purple couches in the Usherr are ~ward the college implementation agenda with this year giving ground of hope to show creation of new acquisition of knowledge spaces and enhancement of current spaces.

I be in actual possession of been involved with this Project into the bargain the past year as Faculty convenor and enjoin ensure that the future of this plot encompasses the wants and needs of students. We want greater student input this year – point of convergence groups, discussions, activism and responsibility to make sure that this amazing opportunity we desire is one which we can gather the harvest the benefits of – not feel pain the consequences.

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