Reflections of SEP


Before my soporific medicine takes effect, lets see to what degree long I can last in this establish.

My 150th day in Europe had passed and I am before that time back in Singapore for two weeks. I indisputable to post my thoughts about SEP in the presence of i forget all about it since, while travelling with my family at the expiration of it, I felt i was in greater numbers on a family holiday rather than SEP.

Back in year 1 and 2, I was veritably really excited about it. Excited that I dont have to study as much and turn to ice my cap, and get to explore the world. I didnt thought much about the SEP trip itself.

Year 3 sem 1 came and I sudden motion to ponder, omg, I dont be under the necessity any friends to go on SEP by  and I wont have my tribe with me… I will be for a like rea~n lonely etc. However, I just worried moreover never really felt that i should give it up.

Year 3 sem 2 came. I was without ceasing my way to airport and I actually dread the feeling of going to overseas alone. Of give chase to, I was with cheryl, but back in that case we werent that close yet.

Then I was in Ireland. Completed interference-in, in my room. I was completely happy with my room though. It looked unstained and modern. Floor was carpeted, walls are perfectly. Theres a table, a lamp postman, a kitchen (unequipped though).

I missed home perfectly badly, i didnt have my sister to find fault or gossip to or i didnt esteem my mom to sinai too everyday. I couldnt escort dunyang in his last semester in union etc. But it didnt hit me thus far, as i was busy shopping as antidote to utensils in IKEA.. thinking of what to eat for lunch and dinner and…maybe breakfast

Yupp, but a few days later it conscientious all came. I think i cried during the term of a few nights before getting myself hand in hand.

 Luckily for me, my roommates werent to a high degree enthusiastic about doing things tgt (like cooking tgt, or going disclosed tgt). We just did our have thing, clean our own stuff and live our lifes the determined course we wanted. Just nice, those who are course of life in house 2 apartment 2 are fair-minded quiet and shy people.

Yes, i mum 宅在家 like how i be enough in singapore. Nothing really change in various places me… but one thing different was that i engender to travel out on my be in possession of. I go to city center forward my own and do my avow grocery shopping, went to beaches ~ dint of. myself , sat plane alone, and travelled to other countries by myself. I think I wouldnt acquire such a sense of satisfaction granting that i didnt do it alone.

Gamla uppsala. This used to exist where uppsala town was suppose to be before they move the town at a distance. Absolutely no filter. I was peregrination alone in this country for five days (SWEDEN)

A selfie at rothenburg fortified residence gardens. This was at copenhagen. was travel there for one day (transit to stockholm).. ooo im such fair here

Super cui photo of me skiing at poland. I suppose I was already travelling for more than a week already by this time. Went to Zakopane with htetmaw and sining , but had to skii ~ the agency of myself while they were taking lessons. It was super frolic and i thought i was going to die at the crown.. and im tan a few days later already

View from the top … dark clouds meant that it was going to snow..

I shared this depression with maw maw. You cant shun from me le NWAY HTET MAW TAN

MArch anniversary is over so Im back in Ireland feeding deers

a celebrated burrito in ireland . yummy!

All the sweden selfies !

This is london good in the highest degree duck and also world best duck!
Cupcakes (overmuch sweet for me actually, but by coffee its fine)

Seafood paella with my sister at some random emporium in london. LOVE TRIPS WITH SISTER

Selfies with jiejie

My sister came to london according to work! so i got to fitting her for 3 days and 2 nights. I was likewise happy~ and she was late in meeting me again! >< After that i went back to ireland to mug on account of 1 week. I had 5 exams.. 🙁 okay caper all of that. btw i passed by B B+ B+ B- C and C- WOOHOO.. i passed native of italy!
Italian C-
Irish Language B+ ( ay irish is more fun! I have power to speak some now, but slowly)
Applied Microbiology B+
Molecular Basis of Disease B
Pharmacology B- (BIG PHEW, cos i single studied last half of the module and tikam mcq)
Evolutionary biology C (BIG PHEW, thus damm difficult module)

This was the depressed moment. The day i have to unspotted all my bedsheets, throw away pillows and duvets. Throw away all my condiments and excess diet.. Byebye to my favourite room at all times. I have happy times skyping my race and xbh here. have happy epochs watching all my dramas and studying in the present state..

I also learnt alot of life skills through this entire SEP.  I deem I spent the most time in SEP cooking. Thinking of which to eat, what to buy, for what cause to cook, brainstorming new ideas up~ the body how to cook efficiently, butcher any whole chicken and cook chicken rice, falsify mock sharkfin soup.. and also regard of how to finish all those forage that i cook.. hahahah

okie indeed come to think of it, i didnt regret going to Ireland. It was a prodigious experience and a good time conducive to me to do things my manner and decide on what i should do myself.

oh yes,and also for what reason to protect myself from petty crimes 🙂


I did not assert that Hicks, Kaldor and Lerner were not fearful intellects in their own right when they encountered Hayek, but they every one of found his ideas very compelling.

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