Question about Heparin

0 Hello:

I’m catching pharmacology and am very confused through Heparin. Our teacher (who is a druggist) lectured in class, stating that Heparin (unfractionated) is used because of prevention of blood clots. There is in like manner another class of Heparin which consists of LMWH (ex: Lovenox). She before-mentioned this can be used for prevention AND activity (with more emphasis attached Factor Xa, which is a clotting substitute), for example, surgical prophylaxis and laborious DVT. But I’m not stable what “activity” she is referring to, inasmuch as she said that it is not a thrombolytic, which lyses blood clots. To me, “mode of action” means that it lyses the clot. My questions are:

1.) If LMWH is used as being “activity”, and for active PE, the sort of exactly does it do, if it doesn’t lyse the clot?

2.) IV heparin is used against clots. Does this mean Lovenox be possible to be used in the IV?

Thank you!

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