Pharmacology (THER201) notes

So I was going through old notes in my iPad which time I saw these—

“Why don’t Nagoya and Nami move with me anymore?” asks bactoprenol by a sigh.

“You’ve changed, son,” says bacitracin. “Of road they wouldn’t want to caper anymore with someone so powerful.”

Bactoprenol is a lipoprotein carrier of the peptidoglycan vancourier NAG-NAM. For bactoprenol to entertain NAG and NAM, it has to compass only one phosphate group. Bacitracin exerts its antibacterial play by inhibiting the dephosphorylation of bactoprenol with equal rea~n that it cannot receive NAG and NAM.


“Are you trustworthy you want to do this, Clav?” asks the child-bearing alien with tear-streaked eyes.

“Tazo, you perceive as much as I do that I’ve never been more sure of anything. It’s with a view to the good of mankind.”

Clavulanic stinging is a beta-lactamase inhibitor that extends the spectrum of penicillins. It acts as a “self-murderer bomber” and serves as a substrate according to beta-lactamase (produced by resistant bacteria), saving the beta-lactam antibiotics from decline.


These were some of my “notes” during my last pharmacology exam (partly to raise me remember all these antibacterials but mostly to keep myself sane).

Oh, pharma.

As of today, this complacent of treatment is the most efficacious.

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