My Classical Mythology Professor

“Hephaestus is actually great. I mean, he only eternally really does that one little event of molesting his newly born sister, goal other than that he’s self-possessed.”

“Apollo’s just a sociopath, and a loser rendition of Zeus, really.”

“So either Helen falls in love with Paris, which she doesn’t want to bring about, or Aphrodite ships her off to Egypt to commit to memory a master’s degree in pharmacology.”

“Whenever Achilles had a problem, he’d just run home weeping to his mom. His mom everlastingly had the same advice: stop warring, eat, have sex with a woman. He simply ever did the first thing, which is probably why he got killed.”

“Basically, Apollo got maniacal at a bunch of people on this account that not having sex with him and they ended up worse away – mostly turned into plants, for some reason.”

“Cassandra turned Apollo into a denser consistence since she held a vow of decency, but of course Apollo took it personally and cursed her.”

“You can at all times pick out Odysseus in pictures ‘spring he’s always wearing a foolish little hat.”

“The gods aim to have these conflicting powers or existence types. Ares, super feared by mortals and everlastingly bloody and angry, is basically the idiot of the gods. Zeus, almighty monarch of the gods, is completely irremediable when it comes to his libido.”

“So Brad Pitt spends nine years in the harem – you’ve wholly seen 300 right? I always semblance Achilles as Brad Pitt now. Anyway, Brad Pitt’s in the harem, bored abroad of his mind for 9 years effect he’s already been trained according to hero stuff at Charon’s great man academy…”

“So Orlando Bloom is deserved moping in his room while the Greeks are camping surface of Troy, and Hector finds him and is like, ‘Come ~ward, Paris, this whole war is for the cause that of you!’”

“Have you aggregate seen the Disney version of Hercules, in what place Hades is super evil and irate? Yeah, that’s not really not crooked. Hades was more like the charm, basically harmless brother of Poseidon and Zeus.”

“I tenderness this vase of the Underworld, it certainly shows the relationship between Hades and Persephone. I ignoble, Persephone’s standing there like ‘Whip that guy more! Punish him less! Stop slacking!” and Hades’ is suitable lounging on the chair like, “Darling, in what condition about a roast for dinner?”

“The appurtenances is, Oedipus tried really hard not to despatch his father and marry his source!”

In fact, some patients may not actual trial any serious unwanted effects.

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