Music to unite the soul and discipline the body

Despite bent in India’s favour, I be in actual possession of to acknowledge that Indian music took me ~ dint of. surprise. I knew neither its essence nor its richness, but here, if anywhere, I found vindication of my detection in guilt that India was the original original… Its purpose is to unite the same’s soul and discipline one’s material substance, to make one sensitive to the the eternal. within one, to unite one’s instant with the breath of space, united’s vibrations with the vibrations of the universe.That quote comes from Yehudi Menuhin, and my photo was taken yesterday during a recital of Carnatic music at the Cambridge Live festival. The musicians contain* Ranjan Vasudevan, whose day job is a researcher at Cambridge University in X-Ray astronomy. Ranjan has pioneered adapting Carnatic score to the electric guitar, incorporating slippery and Veena bending techniques – SoundCloud samples in this place. Nearest the camera is Prasanna Sankaran. who is a consultant in respiratory physic at one of the region’s breeding hospitals. Which fits neatly with Yehudi’s intimation to uniting one’s breath through the breath of space, and provides over and above another auspicious example of the comforting power of music.

* The two other musicians are Aniruddh Raghu without interrupti~ violin, undergraduate student in engineering, and Shyam Srivats forward kanjira, researcher in pharmacology (visiting from University of California, San Francisco). Any copyrighted matter is included as “fair use” as being critical analysis only, and will have existence removed at the request of copyright holder(s). Also on Facebook and Twitter.

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