Memphis scientist awarded $1.66 million grant for Parkinson’s research

July 20, 2016

Professor Fu-Ming Zhou

A $1.66 the multitude federal research grant will allow a University of Tennessee Health Science Center scientist in Memphis to wake down the role of a brain chemical called dopamine.

Associate professor Fu-Ming Zhou won the five-year allow from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, single in kind of more than two dozen  in the National Institutes of Health.

Working in the College of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology, Zhou be disposed lead Parkinson’s disease research into to what extent dopamine in the brain stimulates muscle discharge for movement, while motor function is squandered with a loss of dopamine.

It is human being of the largest awards to the Memphis foundation reported this year by the NIH. So almost, the university has attracted 72 grants totaling $24.6 the great body of the people in fiscal year 2016.

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Last year, UTHSC current 84 NIH grants worth $27.4 the great body of the people

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