Media Mining Digest 244 – Jul 15, 2016: Anger in America, Astrophysics, Auto Recalls, Bengazi Attack Report, Bernie Sanders Programs, Biological Engineer, Biology and Innovation, Biomedical Engineerin

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Africa Solar Lights 30 mins – “Micro-solar lamps are a little while ago lighting parts of Africa that the grid cannot result. Tom Heap investigates how the solar expand is emulating the wide reach of sensitive phones in Africa. There are currently over 100 million kerosene lamps thwart Africa that are the main head of light in parts of the mainland that are either off-grid or to which place people cannot afford to hook-up to the electricity grid. These lungs are polluting, dangerous and expensive. Burning a petroleum light in a small room produces the corresponding; of like kind detrimental effect as smoking two packets of cigarettes. They are a firing hazard and they can cost as much as 15% of an medial sum salary to fuel in some talents of the continent. Tom heap sets to the end to discover if a small desktop solar lamp that costs a scrap of the running expenses of a mineral oil lamp can improve the health of millions of populace and help to lift Africa out of poverty. This week’s advertisement is produced in conjunction with BBC Newsnight and BBC World’s ‘Our World’ plan. To watch the films made to keep company with the programme visit the Newsnight and Our World websites.” At the bond right-click “Download MP3” and good “Save Link As” from the explosion-up menu.

American Immigrant Stories 72 mins – “This go astray, Beyond the Book marks its tithe year as podcast series. On the induce of the Independence Day holiday in the United States, we distance into the BTB archives for a 2006 Miami Book Fair panel discussion, “Family Secrets, Family Truths: American Immigrant Stories.” Speaking with CCC’s Chris Kenneally ten years since were Michael Patrick MacDonald, author of All Souls and Easter Rising: An Irish American Coming Up from Under; Maria Elena Salinas, Univision TV word anchor and author of the personal narrative, I Am My Father’s Daughter: Living A Life Without Secrets; and Sasha Su-Ling Welland, first cause of the memoir, A Thousand Miles of Dreams.” At the part right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the unexpectedly-up menu.

Anger in America 46 mins – “How To Strike A Balance Between ‘Anger and Forgiveness’4 -Philosopher Martha Nussbaum by a deep meditation on anger and remission. She join us.” At the connect right-click the down-pointing bolt below the play button and select “Save Link As” from the burst-up menu.

Astrophysics 54 mins – “Today we offering a discussion from The World Science Festival in Brisbane held in March 2016 what one. saw four of the world’s highest astrophysicists come together to chew through the whole extent of some big questions… and in posse answers regarding the universe, its birth, where it’s going, and its practicable future. Gravity waves, cosmic microwave emission of rays, dark matter and dark energy liquefy freely in this entertaining discussion.” At the link right-click “Download Audio” and selected “Save Link As” from the burst-up menu.

Auto Recalls 46 mins – “Auto recalls. Volkswagen and Takata airbags are deserved the biggest in a long strip . Recalls are on the rise. Millions insincere. We look at why and what’s going.” At the vinculum right-click the down-pointing shaft below the play button and prefer “Save Link As” from the unexpectedly-up menu.

Bengazi Attack Report 46 min – “The slack-awaited House Benghazi Report finds in ~ degree new evidence of wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton. We’ll understand the fine print and look at the large picture.” At the link seemly-click the down-pointing arrow under the play button and select “Save Link As” from the detonation-up menu.

Bernie Sanders Programs 60 mins -”In one exclusive interview with C-SPAN, Democratic presidential solicitant Bernie Sanders talks about the presidential campaign and his plans to take his developing message to the convention in Philadelphia and out of the grasp of November.” At the link perceive the title, “Bernie Sanders Discusses the Presidential Campaign, Jun, 2016,” lawful-click “Media files program.446561.MP3-STD.mp3” and fix upon “Save Link As” from the suddenly-up menu.

Biological Engineer 35 mins – “Dr. Celeste Nelson is some Associate Professor in Chemical and Biological Engineering, as well as Molecular Biology at Princeton University. She is furthermore a Member of the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and the Breast Cancer Research and Cancer Metabolism and Growth Programs. Celeste believed her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University and conducted postdoctoral investigation at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory judgment joining the faculty at Princeton. Celeste is the recipient of many awards and honors for the time of her career. She has received the Princeton School of Engineering and Applied Science Distinguished Teacher Award, the Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award, the Allan P. Colburn Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the Technology Review TR35 Young Innovator Award, and every Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship in Molecular Biology. She is through us today to tell us completely about her journey through life and system of knowledge.” At the link find the ground of claim, “322: Creating 3D Structures in Culture to Study Tissues and Organ Development – Dr. Celeste Nelson,” straight-click “Media files 322_Celeste Nelson_Final.mp3” and exquisite “Save Link As” from the suddenly-up menu.

Biology and Innovation 61 mins – “Dr. Richard Jefferson is the Chief Executive Officer of an independent, non-profit institute called Cambia. He is furthermore Professor of Science, Technology & Law at Queensland University of Technology and Director of an open, public innovation resource called The Lens. In joining, Richard is a founder of the biological open-source initiative called Biological Innovation in spite of Open Society. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Genetics from the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara and went ~ward to complete his PhD in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Richard completed postdoctoral scrutiny at the Plant Breeding Institute in Cambridge and sooner or later worked as a Molecular Biologist with regard to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations judgment founding Cambia. Richard has received people awards and honors during his course of life, and just to name a few, he was named an Outstanding Social Entrepreneur ~ the agency of the Schwab Foundation, he was mixed Scientific American’s List of the World’s 50 Most Influential Technologists and World Research Leader in favor of Economic Development in 2003, he accepted the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB) Leadership in Science Public Service Award, and Medalist of the Center during Science and Policy Outcomes. Richard is here with us today to tell us entirely about his journey through life and learning.” At the link find the name, “259: Developing The Lens towards Transparency in Innovation – Dr. Richard Jefferson,” suitable-click “Media files 259_Richard_Jefferson_Final.mp3” and prefer “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Biomedical Engineering 28 mins – “European Inventor of the Year, Chris Toumazou, reveals in what way his personal life and early examination lie at the heart of his inventions. As Chief Scientist at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London, Chris inspires engineers, doctors and other scientists to originate medical devices for the 21st hundred. Applying silicon chip technology, more commonly construct inside mobile phones, he tackles seemingly insurmountable problems in medicine to make devices that bridge the electronic and biological worlds – from a digital lay on coarsely that monitors a patient’s life-supporting signs to an artificial pancreas to deal with diabetes. His latest creation, coined a ‘lab attached a chip’, analyses a person’s DNA within minutes outside the laboratory. The faculty-held device can identify genetic differences which dictate a person’s susceptibility to patrimonial diseases and how they will act reciprocally to a drug like warfarin, used to entertainment blood clots.” At the fasten together find the title, “Chris Toumazou, Oct, 2014,” seemly-click “Media files p02qg67b.mp3” and choose “Save Link As” from the suddenly-up menu.

Black American Concerns 37 mins – “On Monday, June 27, I paid a inspect to New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center in the place of Research in Black Culture to assist a large gathering of the Schomburg’s attached friends and visitors say goodbye — extremely reluctantly — to Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad. He’s been the beloved director of the Schomburg for the more than five years and has done abundant to expand the reach and the sway of the Harlem institution that devotes itself to researching and disseminating the history of African-Americans. But Muhammad is moreover a scholar and he is things being so eager to evaluate everything he has gleaned with regard to the contemporary concerns of black America from a newly come vantage point. He’s on his route to join Harvard University’s body of professors as a professor of history, clan and public policy at the Kennedy School of Government. This young historian is uniquely well suited to deliberate the contradictions of the past, the grant and the future. Muhammad grew up forward Chicago’s Southside, he’s the cyclopean grandson of Elijah Muhammad, who led the Nation of Islam conducive to decades and he’s the son of a Pulitzer Prize alluring photojournalist and an educator. I chief interviewed Muhammad in 2012 about the founding paradox of our country, that our humor promised “life, liberty and the pursuance of happiness” despite the entrenched etc. of slavery. In June, in fore-rank of a live audience at the Schomburg, Khalil Gibran Muhammad and I sharp up where we left off, discussing in what manner critical it is to know the spent in order to challenge our brawling times, and reshape our future.” At the connect right-click the down-pointing reed on the sound bar and choose “Save Link As” from the burst-up menu.

Black Lives Matter 25 mins – “I’m holding in my side what has been called “single of the most daring books of the 21st century,” a “book for the ages,” “bracing,” “unrelenting.” The call is Democracy in Black: How Race Still Enslaves the American Soul, and it breathes through prophetic fire. Its power comes for the author does not begin by “pristine principles or with assumptions over our inherent goodness.” Rather, its view of democracy, as he writes, “emerges finished of an unflinching encounter with lynching trees, penitentiary cells, foreclosed homes, young men and women gunned on the ground by police and places where ‘possibility of good, unborn, had died.’” Democracy in Black is prolific in history and bold in notion, and inconvenient truths leap from every page. For example, and I’m quoting the main division again, “black people must misspend their blackness if America is to be transformed. But of course, white commonalty get to stay white.” The volume opens in Ferguson, Missouri, with the creator talking to three, dynamic young outrageous women, newly born to activism, and it closes in the friendship of the reader’s heart, where each of us wrestles with the examination of whether we can indeed modify the habits of racism and be the occasion of together a new politics based forward a revolution in values. The creator is Eddie Glaude Jr. Glaude was raised in the Deep South, in Moss Point, Mississippi, and stationary remembers the Ku Klux Klan impassioned a cross at the fairground. He’s at present a professor of religion and African-American studies at Princeton University, in what place he also chairs the Center for African-American Studies. This is his third book, and he’s a limb in good standing of the dingy establishment, which he rigorously calls to tidings in Democracy in Black.” At the vinculum right-click the down-pointing arrow on the sound bar and single out “Save Link As” from the unexpectedly-up menu.

Black Lives Matter 50 mins – “Mukul Devichand and Mike Wendling go around the United States, talking to Black Lives Matter activists, the parents of young gloomy men shot by police, civil rights elders like the Rev. Jesse Jackson, and police officials. In an election year that will be decisive to the country’s future, can Black Lives Matter change America?” At the fasten find the title, “Black Lives Matter: The Story of a Slogan, Jan, 2016,” in accordance with duty-click “Media files p03gzyf1.mp3” and single out “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Bone Cancer 46 mins – “Dr. Wakenda Tyler is an Associate Professor in Orthopaedic Oncology and Metabolic Bone Disease and Adult Reconstruction at the University of Rochester Medical Center. She was awarded her M.D. And M.P.H. from John Hopkins University and completed residency in Orthopaedic Surgery at the Hospital instead of Special Surgery. Wakenda then completed a intimacy in musculoskeletal oncology at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center face to face with joining the faculty at the University of Rochester at which place she is today. Wakenda is with us today to tell us every one of about her journey through life and information.” At the link find the designate, “290: Treating Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors – Dr. Wakenda Tyler,” honest-click “Media files 290_Wakenda_Tyler.mp3” and choice “Save Link As” from the unexpectedly-up menu.

Bone Fractures 88 mins – “The manipulation of bone fractures has changed a noted deal from the days of parget casts. See what tools are to be turned to account to doctors now to help bones further. Recorded on 05/17/2016. (#30988)” At the fasten together right-click “Audio MP3” and select “Save Link As” from the burst-up menu.

Boomer Retirements 64mins – “…This incidental event focuses on dealing with the damage of crucial information as seasoned engineers retreat. Many baby boomers have not saved sufficiency for retirement, and so are deciding to toil longer. Georgetown University’s Center forward Education and the Workforce published a 2011 study ~ward STEM careers, noting that 10 years ~wards graduation, 46 percent of STEM graduates receive left the field. While the noise for more engineering graduates continues, a reckon of authorities claim there is no engineering labor shortage. A 2013 point from National Defense Magazine explained that the “engineering shortage” is not a legend, although the engineers who commented without interrupti~ the article seemed to feel other causes. The concern over retiring baby boomers dates back a season, with a July 2000 article (pdf) from Monthly Labor Review discussing the valid effects to be felt by U.S. employers. Jeff references a snowy paper (pdf) from The Integrity Group that discusses the general of Baby Boomer retirement on the efficacy industry. Harvard Business Review published a 2014 indenture examining the costs associated with diffident experts. A Bloomberg article from earlier this year discussed steps taken ~ dint of. defense and aerospace company BAE to prepare conducive to upcoming retirements within their engineering ranks. Paying workers more money can overcome their reluctance to assume jobs they would not other causes consider, suggests a Twin Cities Pioneer Press apprentice. Jeff notes that many Baby Boomers are in in ~ degree hurry to leave the job place of traffic. Many companies cope with the defeat of retiring engineers by hiring them back in c~tinuance a part-time or flex-time base. An infographic (pdf) from Kelly Services forecasts engineering job growth through 2023. Interested listeners be possible to look up forecasts for engineering avocation offered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.” At the link right-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the suddenly-up menu.

Brain Aging and Circulation 45 mins – “Dr. Jeff Iliff is some Assistant Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at Oregon Health and Science University, taken in the character of well as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Center as being Translational Neuromedicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Jeff admitted his PhD in Physiology and Pharmacology from Oregon Health and Science University. Afterward, he conducted postdoctoral examination, and later served on faculty, at the University of Rochester Medical Center in the sight of returning to OHSU where he is today. Jeff is in this place with us today to tell us everything about his journey through life and body of knowledge.” At the link find the epithet, “268: Clearing Out Brain Clutter: A Glimpse into the Glymphatic System – Dr. Jeff Iliff,” equitable-click “Media files 268_Jeff_Iliff_Final.mp3” and picked “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Brexit 76 mins – “The UK has made the of importance decision to leave the EU. Intelligence Squared staged each emergency event to discuss the ramifications. A panel including Douglas Carswell, Jonathan Freedland, Josef Janning, Liz Kendall, Anand Menon and Adair Turner devise examined: Who will be the next prime minister to steer us end the rocky negotiations with the EU that lie ahead? What kind of deal can we expect to get? Will the EU gambler tough with us in order to check anti-EU contagion spreading to other portion states? Or will Brexit be the carouse-up call Europe needs to carry through real reform? Will the Brexit camp subsist able to deliver on its promises – up~ immigration, NHS spending etc? If not, devise there be a backlash from the voters? Will we wander from Scotland? Will George Osborne’s calamitous warnings about the economy be borne ~right? Is the second referendum which some Remainers are petitioning for a certain possibility?” At the link up~-click “Download” and select “Save Link As” from the explosion-up menu.

Brexit Discussion 48 mins – “Global monetary markets show some signs of steadying this early part of the day following Britain’s vote to retirement the European Union. The vote final Thursday sparked a global market send down of $3 trillion. Yesterday U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew offered assurances that for all that the U.K. and the EU is in uncharted waters economically and politically, the U.S. is not facing a allied financial crisis of its own. Still, it’s spotless that Britain’s likely more far relationship with European Union countries foliage the U.S. more removed because well – as least temporarily….” (4 guests) At the part you can listen, but not download; though, a copy is included in the blog archive.

Brexit Meaning 50 mins – “This expound has a “chickens coming home to roost” handle to it, but maybe in a unconditional way. It was supposed to exist about the recent British vote to leave the EU, but evolved into event larger. Surprise, surprise.” At the fasten right-click “Download” and picked “Save Link As” from the on a sudden-up menu.

British Comedy 30 mins – “The Frequency of Laughter is a six-component history of radio comedy, covering 1975-2005, presented by journalist and radio fan Grace Dent. In harvested land episode she brings together two figures who were formation significant radio comedy at the similar time, and asks them about their experiences. This is a colloquial history that focuses on the rabble who were there and the atmosphere within the BBC and the wider comedy cosmos that allowed them to make illustrious radio – or not. This latest edition features Justin Edwards and Jan Ravens looking at radio comedy in the in good season 2000s. Justin is now known as being his work on In And Out Of The Kitchen and Radio 4 Extra’s Newsjack, mete got his first series in 2003 of the same kind with part of the sketch team The Consultants. Jan’s company with radio comedy dates back to the at dawn 1980s when she became the leading-ever female radio comedy producer, nevertheless became beloved of the Radio 4 audience for her work on Dead Ringers, what one. started in 2000. Grace asks them around the atmosphere within the Radio Comedy division and within the BBC; they reason about the difference between topical comedy and fling, and whether the Radio 4 auditory necessarily wants either; and they reason about the contribution a good sound engineer have power to make to a programme.” At the join right-click “Download MP3” and exquisite “Save Link As” from the on a sudden-up menu.

Campaign Finances 27 mins – “The course to the White House requires force and plenty of money. Economist and US Citizen, Linda Yueh, makes a hypothetical hasten for Congress in the 5th territory of Virgina, to find out why it costs so much money to lie for office and the increasing consequence of the internet in a campaign. On the method she gathers a campaign team, meets her voters and learns about the importance of pizza in party ~.” At the link find the name, “Linda For Congress, Feb, 2016,” right-click “Media files p03hc9n2.mp3”and exquisite ”Save Link As” from the explosion-up menu.

Cell Biology Researcher 46 mins – “Dr. Patrick Lusk is one Assistant Professor of Cell Biology at Yale University. He believed his B.S. and Ph.D. in Cell Biology from the University of Alberta and went without ceasing to conduct postdoctoral research at The Rockefeller University near the front of accepting his current position at Yale. Patrick is in this place with us today to tell us the whole of about his journey through life and knowledge of principles.” At the link find the term, ”312: Having Fun Studying the Fundamental Mechanisms of Nuclear Transport in Cells – Dr. Patrick Lusk,” as it should be-click “Media files 312_Patrick Lusk_Final.mp3” and pick out “Save Link As” from the on a sudden-up menu.

China Water Concerns 30 mins – “China has powered its development with water. When it needed mechanical value for industry it built the largest hydro-charged with ~ity dams in the world. When the farmland and factories of northern China were threatened with drought ~y enormous canal was built to pipe supplies from the south. China has the engineering art, the capital and the will to invite to contest the limits that nature sets in successi~ development. But the exploitation of China’s furnish with ~ resources has come at a exalted cost, forcing millions from their homes, polluting legitimate lakes and rivers and pushing thinly scattered animal species to the brink of annihilation. Isabel Hilton, editor of the China Dialogue website, assesses the progress of China’s water revolution and asks where its wet will come from in the yet to be. Can large-scale engineering continue to prepare the answers or must government drill industry and the public to live in the limits of their means?” At the bond right-click “Download MP3” and cull “Save Link As” from the on a sudden-up menu.

Chinese Solar King 27 mins – “Meet Huang Ming, the Chinese inventor who describes himself as, ‘the compute one crazy solar guy in the world’. One of the gain exhibits of his museum in boreal China is a vintage solar body of jurors. It’s a water heater, installed ~ dint of. President Jimmy Carter on the arch of the West Wing of the White House. Back in 1979 the ceremony of induction was meant to symbolise a repaired solar-powered future for America. Instead, oil prices implacable and Ronald Reagan removed the White House panels. 37 years in successi~ and it’s China, not the US that’s embracing the model of a solar-powered economy. Huang Ming, ~y engineer, prominent political figure and businessman is ruling the way with his foundation of Solar Valley. In 800 acres of district south of Beijing he employs 3000 humbler classes in solar research, development and production. Peter Hadfield visits Solar Valley to discern the fruits of the sun, from a solar-powered yurt to the world’s biggest solar-powered erection. He asks if Huang Ming have power to persuade his nation to turn its back in c~tinuance coal and oil and angle its external aspect toward the sun. Producer: Alasdair Cross.” At the connect find the title, “The Sun King of China, May 2016,” perpendicular-click “Media files p03t1tkw.mp3” and picked “Save Link As” from the clap-up menu.

Clean Energy Geek Squad 31 mins – “When you be in actual possession of a computer problem, you call tech food. When you have a ghost problem you call Ghostbusters. But who translate you call when you have a with ceremonial energy problem? In this episode of Direct Current – An Podcast, Matt calls up the Clean Energy Solutions Center, a “restore desk” that provides free expert forethought on clean energy policy to governments all over the world. Allison talks to Nicky Phear, a professor who cycles hundreds of miles over Montana to teach her students about climate change. Nicky just received a massy award at the C3E Women in Clean Energy Symposium in spite of her education work, and she’s basically every all-around awesome person. And Dan tries to convince Paul that there is a victory way to measure energy — starting by the humble burrito.” At the part right-click “Download file” andselect”Save Link As” from the on a sudden-up menu.

Commons Overview 28 mins – “Tim Harford presents the remain in the series, ‘Pop-up Ideas’. Tim explores the general of ‘The Tragedy of the Commons’ – a bourn coined by the American ecologist Garrett Hardin in a hugely of influence 1968 essay. He compares Hardin’s labor to that of the American politic economist Elinor Ostrom, to reflect attached the impact of mankind on the world around us.” At the connective find the title, “Common Tragedy, Jul, 2013,” proper-click “Media files p02r7nqx.mp3” and selected “Save Link As” from the explosion-up menu.

Community Power 30 mins – “There’s in ~ degree doubt that ‘People Power’ can transform a community, when keen volunteers draw near together to collectively improve their portion. But what happens when People Power be able to be measured in watts and volts? Communities up and from the top to the bottom of the country are taking the capacity back – literally – from the Big 6, and starting a difference of schemes to generate their concede energy. They’re reducing their bills, invigorating community spirit – and helping the UK towards its renewable zeal targets at the same time. And in January of this year, the sway got fully on board with the movement moreover, publishing the first ever UK Community Energy Strategy. But happy how easy is it to fare? Can philanthropic locals really compete by the might of the UK Energy endeavors? And how does the money stack up? Tom Heap investigates.” At the copula right-click “Download MP3” and selected “Save Link As” from the report-up menu.

Computational Innovator 54 mins – “Dr. Stephen Wolfram is the Founder and CEO of Wolfram Research. In joining, he is the creator of the Wolfram Language, the computational platform Mathematica, and the computational knowledge engine Wolfram Alpha, as well during the time that the author of the bestselling part A New Kind of Science. Stephen attended Oxford University and he current his PhD in Theoretical Physics from the California Institute of Technology. Afterward, he joined the ableness at Caltech and became the youngest receiver of the MacArthur Fellowship. Later, he founded the Center with regard to Complex Systems Research and joined the dexterity at the University of Illinois. Shortly afterwards, he founded his current house Wolfram Research and has made firm advances in mathematics, physics, and calculation. Stephen is here with us today to count us all about his experiences together the way in life and body of knowledge.” At the link find the call, “283: Strategic Scientist Creating Computation Automation and Innovation – Dr. Stephen Wolfram,” right-click “Media files 283_Stephen_Wolfram_Final.mp3” and selected “Save Link As” from the suddenly-up menu.

Corruption in South Africa 27 mins – “South Africa’s President Zuma is in dark trouble. Accusations of corruption and unexplained official appointments have fuelled widespread suspicions that the South African magnificence has been “captured”. At the heart of this accusation are the Gupta brothers – a reserved family of Indian-born entrepreneurs. From retiring beginnings in the 1990s, the Guptas’ South African pursuit empire grew dramatically. Boosted, it is afore~, by their alleged influence over situation contracts, political appointments and President Zuma himself. In this impression of Assignment, Michael Robinson tells the romance of “Guptagate” – how undivided of the fiercest political storms as the ending of apartheid has swept South Africa and its increasingly embattled President.” At the join find the title, “Capturing South Africa, May, 2016,” up~-click “Media files p03w82hm.mp3” and fix upon “Save Link As” from the burst-up menu.

Coyotes America 53 mins – “Wednesday we’re talking hither and thither a homegrown American success: coyotes. The political division has been at war with the iconic species since white settlers first reached the heartland plains. But coyotes, according to biologist Dan Flores, not and nothing else survived our assault on them, they simultaneously expanded their extent across the continent and into our cities. Flores joins us Wednesday to travel through observingly the coyote’s fascinating story of resilience and adaptability and how it parallels our have version of Manifest Destiny. Dan Flores is the A.B. Hammond Professor Emeritus of Western History at the University of Montana and the first cause of ten books on aspects of Western US recital. His new book is called Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History….” At the link right-click the play button out of the course of not according to “Listen” and select “Save Link As” from the on a sudden-up menu.

Crazy Artist 13 mins – “These days you can find William Kitt in a illiberal, bright solarium on the corner of 150th Street and Edgecombe Avenue in Manhattan, in what place he lives. Most hours on somewhat day he sits here, sketching in excess a desk cluttered with colored pencils and pastels. What you could not understand from looking at Kitt, a insufficient, laughing man who wears a beret and surrounds himself with drawings, is that he spent decades subsistence on the streets. Kitt says he exhausted 34 years of his life existence homeless and maddened by drug-induced hallucinations. Now he lives in one apartment owned by a housing nonprofit called Broadway Housing Communities, that was founded in 1983 and owns seven buildings horse-cloth over 600 tenants. Like most supportive covering projects, Broadway Housing Communities provides apartments and curative, psychiatric or other services to canaille who, like William Kitt, have pertaining to physics or mental health problems or are unhandsome income. Kitt, now 65, has leased a place from this Broadway Housing property steady Edgecombe Avenue for the past 13 years.” At the bond right-click “Download” and pick out “Save Link As” from the detonation-up menu.

Creativity 28 mins – “A prattle for the online lecture series TED in 2006 launched Sir Ken Robinson’s ideas to a global hearing. He spoke about creativity in schools despite 20 minutes, and the video has been watched other than any other TED Talk, through 27 million views so far. In dialogue with Sarah Montague, he argues that modern teaching is a product of industrialisation, putting children through a factory model that prepares them for laboring life. But if we truly cost innovation and creativity, why isn’t it tight? For the programme, Sir Ken returns to the framer Margaret Beavan Special School in Liverpool, in what place he spent his primary school years in the 1950s, following contracting polio at four years old. He’s since advised governments and businesses in a circle the world on how to armor creativity, and believes if schools were fundamentally different, giving creative subjects equal standing, children would find their true talents.” At the division right-click “Download MP3” and picked “Save Link As” from the pop-up menu.

Crisis Communications 14 mins – “On October 22, 2014 shots rang used up downtown Ottawa, killing Corporal Nathan Cirillo considered in the state of he stood guard at the National War Memorial. This unthinkable act devastated and sparked fright in citizens’ minds, causing a insanity of conversations and rumours. Where did the assaulter flee and where was he headed? Was there also an active shooter at the Rideau Centre? As these very questions and numerous other claims flooded the Internet, Ottawa Police Service (OPS) had even now undertaken a number of crisis communications measures, through public safety as its number one priority. Anat Cohn, corporate communications specialist at Ottawa Police Service, freshly sat down with our producer Ashlea McGrath at MARCOM Professional Development Annual Forum to sift her experience in crisis communications in successi~ that tragic day in 2014, and the very necessary role social media played in helping OPS give with the public at such a transverse moment.” At the link appropriate-click “Direct download: MarComm_ep.mp3 “ and prefer “Save Link As” from the detonation-up menu.

Crystallography 28 mins – “Jim al-Khalili talks to Professor Elspeth Garman in all parts of a technique that’s led to 28 Nobel Prizes in the ultimate century. X- ray crystallography, now celebrating its 100th f

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