“Let Medicine Be Thy Food”?

The blogger wishes to quota with readers of this blog ~y amusing WhatsApp message from his greatest part-learned e-buddy The Great Sifu Dr. JB Lim current on July 3, 2016 as follows:

Just to permit you know Dr William Osler is a highly well known and highly respected physician, and I think what he says is gospel truth even to us as novel doctors. He is well quoted in the of the healing art literatures. I think he was and lull not wrong about taking unnecessary drugs and healing art.

Even the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, the Father of Mediicine stretched doctors during his time this: “Let Food Be Thy Medicine”. He NEVER afore~ “Let Medicine Be Thy Food”. This was simpleton into his mouth by modern doctors and unsalable article companies to promote and to betray their drugs in order to find money and survive.

Just imagine asking folks to take pain killers, antibiotics and steroid for the re~on that your daily food. Do you in your up~ sense and mind want to come that sort of idiotic advice from somewhat doctors or pharmacists Do you not design it’s nuts to take every one of these drugs, chemical poisons as your daily food, bread and butter?

Use your benefit and intelligent brain to think, and NOT come your doctor blindly just because you cherish a thought of he is a doctor and you new wine follow his instruction.

It is the material substance that heals itself and NOT the chemical drugs. It elect take me hours to explain pharmacology and the limited biochemical actions of many drugs. Just his simple sentence determination do to all lay listeners.

My give an appellation to is Ju Boo Lim. I am a Special Medical and Science Adviser and Head of the Technical Advisory Board to an international group of drug companies.  Also a framer Senior Medical Research Officer at the MOH Institute with a view to Medical Research, and Research Toxicologist and Research Nutritionist at MIT, Cambridge.

Just to aggregate another simple sentence to what I be obliged already said.

If every sensible human frame follows this wisdom in this apothegm that says “an apple a ~light keeps the doctor (and the drug company) away”, they will all endurance bankrupt.

That’s why they entice this additional non existing clause into Hippocrates spokesman ‘let medicine be your food’. We in addition have complete idiots invited as speakers who blindly repeat what HIppocrates never said. It is appropriate a case of a blind following a different blind.

Just remember the word unsalable article and medicines are just the glorified boundary for a chemical.  In chemistry totality tangible compounds and substances are chemicals, drugs included. Do you lack to take chemicals as your diurnal food? Even nutrients are technically chemicals unless it be that harmless if taken in moderation at the same time that the body requires to power its biochemistry, and to make ready it with energy growth and progress to maturity. It is exceeding lengthy and exceedingly complicated for me to teach biochemistry, feeding, pharmacology and medicine here in WhatsApp.

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