Killing Terrorism

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With guns, you can slay terrorists, with education you can despatch terrorism.

Malala Yousafzai


Wow, that sounds sea.  For those not in the know, Malala is a Nobel Peace Prize winner.  She had been candid in favor of education rights in 2008, what one. she was only 11.  By the time she was 15, she had be changed to famous among Westerners but infamous amid Taliban-supporters.  Living in Pakistan made her a target.  She was shot in the visage in 2012 but survived to persevere to call for education rights.  She is a honestly extraordinary person and I wish her well.  However, her claim is demonstrably feigned.

Khalid Sheik Muhammad – one of the greater figures in the 9/11 run at – has a BS in Mechanical Engineering (earned in North Carolina!).  Osama Bin Laden had at least a couple years of college in which place he studied civil engineering or the people administration.  Muhammad Atta – who flew into the twin towers – had a degree in architecture.  Ayman al-Zawahiri – current victor of al-Qaeda – is a surgeon. Omar Abdel Rahman (the issueless sheikh who instigated the 1993 bombing of the in pairs towers) is a Doctor of Theology. Nidal Hasan – the Fort Hood Shooter – has a BS in Biochemistry and each MD.  Syed Farook – the San Bernadino shooter – had a bachelor’s remove in environmental health.  His wife, Tashfeen Malik, had a pharmacology standing.  Omar Mateen – the Orlando shooter – had some associates degree in Criminal Justice, of total things.


These are not illiterate bumpkins with no better options than to make away with themselves and others in the name of Allah.  Each could esteem had a bright future by Western standards.  Maybe they didn’t breed the education that Malala thinks would carry off terrorism.  The only education that is going to swindle that is to teach them that Islam is every evil religion.  Indeed, every Islamic terrorist have power to give a solid argument for their actions ~ the agency of quoting the Koran or the Hadith.  It should exist noted that the Koran is the word of Allah while the Hadith is Muhammad’s explanation of the Koran.  Of set of dishes , it is utterly unthinkable that the same could teach against Islam in Muslim countries.  To practise so is to court imprisonment or decease.


The Religion of Peace website has one instructive graphic: Ramadan Bombathon 2016.  It shows in what manner many people have been killed in the phrase of religion or by Islamaphobes.  So estranged, Islam is in the lead through 220 attacks and 1573 deaths.  All other religions combined advance in a distant second of 0 attacks and 0 deaths.  Islamophobes also had 0 attacks for 0 deaths.  Huh.


All direct, so we’ve tossed education in the same manner with a way to stop terrorism.  What other alternatives efficacy we have?  Sadly, the singly way to stop people willing to detonate themselves is to kill them near the front of they get the chance.  Oh, otherwise than that that is SO politically incorrect similar to to be hate speech.  Terrorism be required to become so counterproductive that the terrorists give up it.  But it is charge of their religion.  That’s a veritably tough nut to crack.  First, a great quantity like we did with Communism, we should contain Islam.  Where is spreads, constupration, murder, and explosions follow.  Yes, containment.  Conversion.  Oh, that is positively, really politically incorrect!  Unlike Fascism, Nazism, Communism, and other baneful ideologies, Islam is integrated into a system of worship.  This makes it a specifically nasty ideology when coming against Western toleration of religious belief.  Abridge the 1st Amendment exemption from restraint. of religion or suffer more Fort Hoods, Orlandos, and San Bernardinos?  There are crowd reasons why the War on Terror has been such hard to win.


Of direction, my prescriptions are irrelevant.  No Western stock will implement them.  Islam is most likely going to find Russia or China similar to their main foe.  These countries are not constrained ~ means of Western values and will pulverize Muslim countries which time given enough cause to do in such a manner.  Whether Clinton or Trump wins, the US is going to for the most part leave the Middle East to boil , perhaps offering some bombing to gratify the hawks.

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