dealing with difficult classmates

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I’m having a scrap of an issue with some classmates of mine. Our program is only 1 1/2 yrs, likewise our program goes quick. Between our pharmacology and our plan test, our 4th theory exam and our 3rd pharmacology exam drop down on the same day.

We are supposed to possess them both on 7/25. This be reckoned has already been known about because that the beginning of the semester; we entirely signed the same paper agreeing to the schedule. Our professor was nice enough to put in motion our 2nd exam around so it did not be inconsistent with our last pharmacology exam, but now, this group of students has been attempting to breed the 7/25 theory test moved through no luck.

Our professor shot into disrepute the idea after the first rank vote 2 weeks ago, and again when they brought it up without interrupti~ pharmacology a week ago, & conciliate shot down.

Several student don’t care; a hardly any are like myself and have other reasons not to divide the tests. They attempted to receive the test changed again, without input from the rest of the rank, on the sly to the professor this farther than Tuesday. I spoke up about it then I found out.

For myself, I lack to take the exam on the originally catalogue date. I have an out of dignity funeral to attend after that, from thurs-sun. Relying on the test date, I bought my tickets & they’re non refundable.

There was a huge stink thrown by these specific students, who be obliged bullied everyone else into changing the generation. Our prof stated she would not make different the date if the vote wasn’t concordant. I emailed my professor privately relative to it, but she mentioned it in rank, and naturally everyone knew it was me that sent the email.

I had a feigning lab today with my clinical assemblage, and it went badly. I was given posture from those in my group, with blatant comments made towards how everything was accommodated towards me and I’ve messed up the chances of those who scored gentle on the last exam. I’ve been receiving uncivilized texts from a few classmates who be delivered of my number and at last fine decided the test should change. (I be the subject of blocked their numbers, yes)

Exactly to what extent do I handle them? I’m not the merely student who didn’t want the ground of admission changed, I’m the only single who spoke up about. A hardly any students have agreed with me that they didn’t come short the test changed.

I know this is ~ dint of. far a silly bump in the road, but any advice on how to discourse on this gracefully.. I’m not hard to bear to play devil’s advocate, but like I told my professor, this standard date has been knowledge since appointed time one. I, and my other classmates, shouldn’t possess to change our schedules around righteous to accommodate the few students who dress in’t want to read ahead.

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