I sliced united of my fingers so typing this hurts, ay I use all 10 fingers and through taking one finger out of procedure, the whole thing goes to shit.

I not long ago read House Atreides, House Harkonnen, House Corrino and the exemplar Dune. Before that it was some Dickens, Dostoevski and a slew of quirky sci fi books.  I noticed that Lenny Dykstra had a volume out and he tossed a not many insults to Mickey Rourke so I had to learn that book. After reading all those books that required a slight thought, it was so nice to comprehend something simple and entertaining.

If you like baseball, this is the book for you. It gives good penetration into steroids, pain killers and lots of other drugs. It besides gives excellent details on some celebrated games. All in all, it is a real fun book to read.

I had forgot in what state enjoyable it was reading biographies from athletes. Good aged only Lenny gives a great report of a major league ball player’s life and times. I recognized within a little all the players he mentioned likewise it was great reading about their quirks and acquirement behind the scenes details on the inner workings of baseball. Just a pleasantry book to read. I’ll be reading more biographies from athletes.

God ask the library. I picked up a few rolling stones dvds and was expecting them to in pinched shape, imagining that they had being played whilst people drank and partied but surprise, surprise, they were in pristine condition. Either they were being checked wanting by anally retentive boomers, or it may be everyone is streaming this stuff steady the net. I wasn’t especially impressed with  scorsese’s “glisten the light.” It was “Sweet Summer Fun” from Hyde Park that tickled my fancy. It’s from 2013 so the Stones were skilled men but they certainly seemed to get the fountain of youth. (or some very professional pharmacology)

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