aquaria veterinary internship.

‘I power of choosing come here again and do somebody significance’ -Me, 2014

I’ve visited Aquaria KLCC pair years ago with my housemates for our ‘girls outing’ hee. I was amazed ~ means of each inch and every centimetre of the exhibits definite space. The agile otter, roaming sharks, floating school of fish, more. I felt like dress in’t want to leave at that twinkling of an eye. My heart pounding to know other and more about this place, especially the animals in this place.

2 years after, which is brace weeks ago, I came back to Aquaria similar to one of their intern veterinary scholar. And it is not as heaven as I thought.

Every aurora, woke up at 4.30 AM to prepare myself to stand opposite to the day because we need to agitate to TBS at 5.30 AM to ensnare the very first LRT at 6.10 AM. Every aurora must present at Aquaria basement lab ~ means of 7.30 AM for a dawn briefing. Normal working people start moving at 8 AM but we emergency to start at 7.30 AM is a new brave for me cuz I need to vary my mindset and adapt to earlier working hours!

inspirational billboard that greet me every morning with smile. 😀

Everyday my intimate and I assigned to different department, thus fulfilled my dream to learn both inch and every centimetre of Aquaria!
What I have power to say, the Aquaria team is acting sooo hardd days and nights to conserve and maintain the place. It is not during the time that easy and people thought, such viewed like feed the animal, clean the room, etc etc, but the process is almost beyond than that. They do water quality process, where they check the water quality of each tank everyday to flow sure it is at correct set a value on. They do feed preparation comprised of 50 kg mackerel, 1 kg suid, prawn, clamps, and vegies everyday. It is not comfortable okayyy. Each type of fish act corrosively different type of cutting of feeds!
Despite everything of the tiredness, the working environment is defeat with positivity and passion of every one staff to give the best despite their part.

Plus, instead of large knowledge theory and practical about the care, almost everyday we gonna have pharmacology, meagre person, physiology, parasitology ad hoc quizzes from the Vet. We indeed need to squeeze and recall every lecture that we had before to reply the questions!

By the end of my internship, we got a peril to dive! Its a once in a life time turn up!

which one is me? hee

When experienced the working hours at 5.30 PM, I went to entreat Asar first, and start the take a tour back to TBS. Everyday I’ll arrive at college on every side 8.30 PM. It is a ~ing day that repeated again and again during the term of two weeks long huhu.

how be possible to they face this every time going home

However, I realised that, it is a civilization here, to always utter ‘Terima kasih’ and ‘Thank you’ to everyone. Appreciation is expressed to Aquarist until to Cleaner and Guards for each small things did(dunno if my accidence is correct or not here!) Thus, reduced the tiredness and raising up the spirit to work.

I divine working with animal is less urgency indeed!

Follow your dream because it self-reliance give you an indescribable satisfaction. Dream is always beautiful isn’t? But still, there’s a price that you urgency to pay. The effort will subsist worth it, don’t be fearful to try.

Tata baby shovelnose apprehension

Goodbye is always the hardest circumstance. May I will come here because of good one day.

This neck of survival may propose a blast in either following sheer soft schools or restoring an what is ~ one.

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