A Shaman’s Introductory Perspective on the Use of Ayahuasca

“Nature loves fearlessness. You make the commitment and intelligence will respond to that commitment ~ dint of. removing impossible obstacles. Dream the out of the question dream and the world will not triturate you under, it will lift you up. This is the cog. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who indeed counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic frisk in the waterfall. This is for what cause magic is done. By hurling yourself into the gorge and discovering it’s a nature bed.” — Terrence McKenna

Visions beyond rational description...

Visions out of the reach of rational description…

On tap today at TTP, a extremely special guest post: Shaman Zach Poitra, of Iglesia Del Despertar, forward the proper use and mindset bring near surrounding the use of Ayahuasca.

I’ve been exceedingly open about my on-going integration of this stupendous plant medicine (see this, this and this, against example), for spiritual, personal development and entrepreneurial-mindset germination.  This post is a protraction of that process.

Having taken interest in *numerous* ceremonies with Zach, one as well as the other with Iglesia Del Despertar and Comino Do Amor,  I foolishly can’t convey in words for what reason profoundly influential these two groups — and specifically, Zach’s labor — have been in my life.  I bear become an altogether better coach, entrepreneur and illusory as a result of that process.  Hell, I’ve simply grow a better, more complete and sufficient human being through my guided and dedicated moil with plant medicine.  Zach is not excepting that an accomplished shaman in his be in possession of right, but also a coach / school-mistress of apprenticing shamen.  In short, he is a maestro in his chosen vocation.  A man possessing a adapt of mastery we should all mount to within our own unique callings.

A with child intro and we’ll dive in: Zach was born in the Pacific Northwest, worn out several of his formative years ~ward the Rosebud Indian Reservation.  He worked at an investment banker for ten years, and in consequence in 2010 quit his job to excite to Peru to study and souse himself within  the Amazonian Plant Medicine Shamanism refinement.  From 2010- mid 2014 he lived in Peru full time, studying under Maestros Gumercindo Galindo and Don Roldan Galindo.  He is the founder of La Familia Medicina, Camino Do Amor and greatest in quantity recently Iglesia Del Despertar.

I heed myself fortunate to call Zach a well qualified friend, and my life and holy coach.  It’s my mind to introduce this lead-in deduction of his vast work and lore here.

And without further ado, here’s Zach.  My comments disposition be relegated to…

…indented form quotes, like this…

How does Ayahuasca Work?

In this severe write up I will do my most good to describe how Ayahuasca works from a shamanic point of view.  This is somewhat challenging for the reason that the perspective taken by shamans or healers is real different from the western scientific, reductionist viewpoint.  Therefore, I enjoin not get into the western philosophical definitions of how Ayahuasca works.  If this westward scientific perspective is of interest to you, there is a significant amount of that accusation available via the internet and changeable books.

A couple of my favorites root any / all of Rick Strassman’s act, as well as James Fadiman’s, The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide.

First, It is weighty to point out that from a shamanic standpoint the difference between spiritual healing and emotional or natural healing is non-existent.  The shamanic prospect is that the spiritual or energetic system is directly correlated with the intellectual, physical and emotional systems.  In thing done, the perspective is that if we can correct the imbalance in the forcible and spiritual systems, it will emanate through to the mental, emotional and physical systems such that they become balanced.  Taking it a step farther on, there really is no difference betwixt these “systems” as they are work of the greater System.  This view can be confusing for westerners in the manner that we have been conditioned throughout life to look on our bodies in a reductionist vs. wholistic mode i.e. the idea that the be inclined or emotions are separate from the physical body, etc…..  Really, to ~ and substance it up from a shamanic perspective, what we are looking for is intercourse (to the divine, the world, and to the masses), flow and harmony.

When the connection (channel) is clear and operating correctly, that leads to accurate and efficient flow (energetic flow) which then enables harmony and well root in a spiritual, energetic, emotional and physical sense.

Many other ancient spiritual/gentle “systems” take this approach for the re~on that well.  For example, we be possible to look at both the Chinese physic/Taoist cosmology with their meridian hypothesis and then we have the Indian Yogis who converse about the nadi system.  These sum of ~ units approaches both talk to the general that we are energy bodies through various energy sub systems.  Some systems, like the natural system, simply being denser forms of life.

These viewpoints ultimately do not differentiate betwixt the spiritual, energetic, mental, emotional and physical.  These are simply creating smaller systems in the compass of the larger to simplify their inclusion. However, they still keep the larger arrangement in mind when tinkering with a single one of the sub-systems.

Because of this wholistic behold regarding our connection to the heavenly via the energetic or spiritual corpse there is no differentiation between the tongues “sacrament” and “medicine”.  In our look on Ayahuasca is really a sacrament.  It is a sacrament that in a great degree literally cleans and opens the cut furrows in to the divine.  Ayahuasca is a sacrament that contains “Christ Consciousness”, “Buddha Consciousness”, “Divine Consciousness”, “Gaia Consciousness”, “Unconditional Love” etc.…   From my prospect, the terminology regarding this consciousness is not material.  One can come to their allow conclusions via direct experience as to by what means to describe the essence of the sacrament Ayahuasca.

When we take Ayahuasca into our bodies it is that “higher consciousness” or “higher vibration” that interacts by various “energies” that reside in our bodies.  These “energies” are one or the other in alignment with the resonance of the sacrament or they are not.  The energies that are not in alignment through this higher vibration tend to subsist products of various negative traumas that we desire experienced and held on to in our lives.  Holding in c~tinuance to these traumas tends to produce tension or constriction in the universe such that they cause “active blockages”.  These energetic blockages therefore cause “energetic pools” that stagnate and one might say that they beginning to become putrid over time.  These powerful blockages or putrid pools of spiritedness kink up the system and have power to manifest as such things as negative thoughts, sadness, anxiety, feeling disconnected from the cosmos and other people (only a small in number examples).

Ayahuasca, as it goes through one’s system will start to slacken and clean out these energetic blockages in a ten thousand of ways.  Sometimes the cleaning is perfectly physical through vomiting, going to the bathroom, exudation, crying, and shaking just to mention a few.  Sometimes the cleaning is through visions or lessons where one re-experiences a out of the reach of trauma, negative thought pattern or receives information on how to live one’s life in a healthier road.

This cleaning process is a perpetual process.  It is truly a performance and a practice.  Everyone is contrary in their starting point and their lively representation in the process.  It have power to be quite challenging at times, separately when the sacrament brings forth things that we be in possession of been avoiding or suppressing for a lengthy time.  However, as the step progresses, the cleaning becomes subtler and subtler.  This happens in the same manner with we clean out the denser energies and taken in the character of we become more versed with our interaction with Ayahuasca.

Once we achieve what strength be called a “baseline of potent cleanliness” which could also be described like “all channels (relatively) clear” human being may notice a feeling of sexual commerce.  This feeling or experience is a not equivocal connection with the consciousness of the sacrament.  This intercourse then, can open up further to larger incorporeal “vistas”.  In turn, we be able to then tap into a larger good sense, broader perspectives, and deeper understandings that we were not proficient to access before.  This scarcity of access being due to the vicinity of our energetic blockages.  With the channels unclouded one can experience a sense of  alliance, flow and harmony.

On a exterior note, the “readjustment” of my me to its proper status, vis-a-vis “other” (invitation it God, Divine, Universe, etc.) was — not to state in language it lightly — a fucking grueling projection.  A process, though, that I’m such very happy to have traversed.   And that “grueling process” share is exactly why you don’t craving to take part in this drudge outside of a highly experienced shamanic dispose.  

It is very important to stage out that Ayahuasca is not a “enchantment bullet”.  That is Ayahuasca direction not “fix” you.  When doing some kind of spiritual work whether it subsist meditation, mantra, prayer, etc… there is a large personal component for the re~on that one needs to put forth their acknowledge personal effort in the process.  The practices or techniques direction not bring forth results without this attempt.  As Ayahuasca is a sacrament and a ethereal practice, the same requirement applies.

The stateliness itself only plants the seed of the sort of must be nurtured and cultivated all a~ after the “thrill” of the parade has passed.  Continued integration of what was realized in ceremony is at which place the *real* work — and act of kindness — is found.

As one approaches Ayahuasca and this acting out, it is strongly suggested that unit accept that this practice involves important amounts of personal responsibility and commitment.  It is important to be an intelligent being, particularly in the beginning, that in that place most likely will be some challenges and trouble.  One needs to commit to the operation, trust the process and keep affecting forward through the process.  It is not one easy path, but it is a footway that can be extremely rewarding.

Peace, delight in and happiness,


Interested in to a greater degree information on this transformative process?  You have power to contact Zach and the fine folks of  Iglesia Del Despertar at idceremony@gmail.com

And despite another, more Western view, of the benefits of Ayahuasca: upon out this article published in Frontiers in Pharmacology: The Therapeutic Potentials of Ayahuasca: Possible Effects in compensation for Various Diseases of Civilization

From that head:

…We provided converging evidence that though DMT is a substance which produces muscular psychedelic experiences, it is better understood not being of the cl~s who a hallucinogenic drug of abuse, on the contrary rather an agent of significant adaptive mechanisms like neuroprotection, neuroregeneration, and immunity…

As well, I’d like to list of items that the 2016 Paleo f(x) Shamanism body of jurors will be up on the Paleo f(x) TV location very soon.  Along with an on-going roll-out of other, awesome, spirit and sustainability content.

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