Summer has started!

Another semester into disrepute, infinite more to go. Hopefully, the what may occur hereafter will not include (m)any additional semesters like I just had (coordinator of 3 menses, teaching in a 4th, and ~light-to-day fires to extinguish).

With this mail, we head into the summer. I wish an awesome team of around 8 Pharm.D.’s and undergrads who are in operation on some projects with me and others in our arrange, in synthetic organic chemistry, molecular modeling, and too in vivo pharmacology. My fantastic technician, Rachel, even-handed took a position at MCW, which we are also excited about.

20160603_134949To kick things most distant, here is a shot of our ~ and foremost purified product that is ready to ship used up this week. We found a starting a~ set of conditions that affords us a Knoevenagel reduction, and, perhaps more crucially, we raise a solvent system that lets us clear the spots shown here. That took a brief luck, actually; those two spots were stubbornly adhering top of each other until we landed hither, and crystallization/salt formation was giving us fits. Now that we take conditions down, we are ready to asylum and/or roll! Keep looking to this place for updates.

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