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June 27, 2016

Rick’s Raleigh Report…

“As the crisp session comes to an end, allow us reflect on the many accomplishments that desire been made throughout the session and the numerous goals that are planned for the events to come of our government.” – Senator Rick Gunn

Senate Budget

Senate Republicans passed a $22.225 billion parcel that invests hundreds of millions of extra dollars in public education and other core priorities, cuts taxes for the something intermediate class, controls the growth of management spending, bolsters the state’s savings, and dramatically increases teacher pay. Budget highlights include:

It adds $583 the great body of the people to the state’s rainy ~light fund, meeting the statutory requirement of ~y 8 percent funding reserve for the before anything else time ever.

It lays the substratum for a bold plan for teachers to escort their average pay surge to parsimoniously $55,000 within two years on account of the first time in state annals. See the “NC Teacher Pay” bind below for details.

It provides major tax relief to the middle class and small businesses by making the principal $17,500 a family earns grant immunity to from income tax, with a household making the N.C. median household income of $44,000 annually sight an additional tax cut of $110 nearest year.

And it includes provisions to succor make college far more affordable and accessible to students over the state; guaranteeing no in-parade tuition increases for a standard undergraduate corporation term at all North Carolina general universities.

This fiscally responsible budget benefits whole North Carolinians by allowing a indicative family to keep an additional $110 ~ means of making the first $17,500 of their income tax-free, including a plan to construct average teacher pay to $55,000, ensuring teaching does not increase at public universities during a student’s four years in corporation, and by making generous investments in national education, transportation, and other core priorities.

NC Teacher Pay

North Carolina teachers determination see their average pay surge to intimately $55,000 for the first time in body politic history under a plan announced ~ the agency of Senate Republicans. If the proposal becomes rule , average teacher pay will be up nearly $10,000 – more than 20 percent – after the 2013-14 school year. According to the principally current NEA data, North Carolina order climb 23 spots to 24th in the population and number one in the Southeast subject to the Senate proposal. Over the next two years, the plan will dramatically greaten average teacher pay from $47,783 to $54,224, providing North Carolina of the whole not private school teachers an average $4,700 unchangeable pay raise over the same duration.

The plan is part of efforts ~ the agency of Republican state leaders to restructure the out of fashion step system put in place through Democrats that required teachers to dispose of more than 30 years in the classroom in the sight of reaching the top of the pay lamina. Under the new proposal, teachers inclination reach the top of the gradation after just 15 years in the classroom – giving them some immediate, significant boost in their base pay at the same time with far greater earnings potential above the course of their careers. Expert study like that conducted by the quondam director of the Ph.D. program in common policy at Duke University shows the delineate proposed by Senate Republicans brings pastor compensation in line with how chiefly other professionals are compensated. The tender would add $538 million to base teacher pay over the next two years in addition to providing a step increase to legally qualified teachers. Senate Republicans pledged to pay beneficial to the plan with recurring revenue sources and without a tax increase.

NC Metropolitan Mayors Coalition & NC Biotechnology Center

On May 20th, Senator Gunn spoke by the NC Metropolitan Mayors Coalition at the Campbell School of Law. Senator Gunn in like manner recently spoke to the NC Biotechnology Center. Each report focused on the provisions of S826 – Prosperity & Economics Opportunity because of All NC Act, which Senator Gunn is a original sponsor. Senator Gunn enjoyed speaking up~ current legislation at the NC General Assembly.

Delta Sigma Theta

Senator Gunn met by members of Delta Sigma Theta concerning legislative issues facing the General Assembly this sitting.

Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation & Randolph Electric Membership Corporation

Recently in Raleigh, Senator Gunn met with members of the Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation and the Randolph Electric Membership Corporation. Senator Gunn appreciates the services if by our co-ops and their reference to a committee to the communities they represent.

Alamance County Visits

Senator Gunn newly met with Roger Parker, newly elected Alamance County Commissioner, and Craig Honeycutt, Alamance County Manager. It is evermore great to see these two in Raleigh!

2016 Patient Champion Award

Senator Gunn lately met members of the NC Orthopedic Association. They presented Senator Gunn through the 2016 Patient Champion Award in answer to Senator Gunn’s support of humiliate healthcare costs.

NC Concerned Bikers Association

On May 11th, Senator Gunn met with President of the Concerned Bikers Association of Alamance County David “Bikerdave” Blum and his wife Lisa. The North Carolina Concerned Bikers Association is a statewide organization advocating for the rights of motorcyclists. This union was an opportunity to hear encircling the many issues unique to thousands of motorcyclists who live and ride inside of our state.

Speaking With the Senate Page Program

It is always fun to have the Pages in Senator Gunn’s Office! Senator Gunn explains legislation and lobbying to the Pages pictured too proud for.

Frank Bell Wins Alamance County Citizen Volunteer of the Year

Senator Gunn would like to unfeignedly congratulate Frank Bell on being recognized while Alamance County’s Citizen Volunteer of the Year! Thank you by reason of being a fantastic member and corypheus in the county.

Click here to chide out the panel discussion featuring NC legislators from the two chambers at the North Carolina Airports Association Conference held in Wilmington, NC, April 17-19, 2016!

Burlington Pediatrics Named One of the Best Places to operate

As a part of White Coat Wednesday in successi~ June 22nd, Yun L. Boylston, M.D. of Burlington Pediatrics stopped ~ means of Senator Gunn’s office. Burlington Pediatrics was freshly name one of the best petty employers in the Triad to be for by the Triad Business Journal. Congratulations to Burlington Pediatrics!

Alamance Community College Establishing Center of Excellence

Senator Gunn would like to felicitate Alamance Community College on establishing their chief-ever Center of Excellence that self-reliance leverage their nationally-recognized Biotechnology program. A Center of Excellence (COE), in the broadest recognition, is a program or service that is rare, specialized, innovative and integral to workforce development and economic prosperity in a sphere. Biotechnology is a wide-ranging scene of military operations that can embrace stem cell and regenerative remedial agent, pharmacology, histotechnology, cytotechnology, nanotechnology, microbiology, herbology, biomanufacturing and regimen crop science. Biotechnology, at its centre, is the use of living organisms to represent specific industrial and manufacturing processes, much of it to help alleviate human sufferance. ACC has the longest running pair-year Biotechnology program in the United States. In joining, the College has the most thorough biomanufacturing suite of any North Carolina community college and, as a result, is expert to instruct in cutting-edge areas to graduate technicians who can step into a single one state-of-the-art bioscience effort; labors. This expanding COE is jobs-focused, showcasing the College’s placing in charge to workforce and economic development and its alive role in retaining current industry and attracting of the present day industry to Alamance County. Congratulations anew to Alamance Community College for this chimerical recognition!

NC Senate Page Program

Throughout the Legislative Session, Senate Pages are a large help to the Senators. The Pages be necessitated to be high school students, and they procure to be to spend a week in Raleigh at the Legislative Building. Senate Pages are talented to stand on the Senate Chamber floor during Session, attend committee meetings, and they are utilized ~ dint of. the Senators for office tasks. Senator Gunn enjoys encounter the Pages and having them advance by his office to help revealed. If you would like further advice about Senate Paging, you can junction Michael Perdue at michaelp@ncleg.clear or (919) 733-5702.

NC Department of Commerce License Plate

The North Carolina Department of Commerce has released a renovated specialty license plate. The plate features the tagline, “Nothing Compares,” and has the lightning-flash logo, a green and blue “NC” encompassing the sketch of a long leaf pine, hieroglyphical of our state’s deep historic roots and theatrical diversity from the mountains to the ocean. Our office greatly encourages these specialty disorder plates. If you are interested, you be able to sign up to purchase the right plates here.

Bradford Academy Visit

On May 11th, Reagan Morrison and Joseph Burdeshaw from Bradford Academy in Mebane were proficient to spend the day with Senator Gunn. It was ~y exciting day for them to have in keeping a committee meeting, visit the Lieutenant Governor’s work, have lunch with Senator Gunn, and pay attention Session in the Senate Chamber. Senator Gunn enjoyed giving Reagan and Joseph a trip of the NC General Assembly and hopes they had a leading day here in Raleigh!

School Visits

Senator Gunn greatly enjoys the opportunity to meet students from District 24 and manifest them around the Legislature. In the past month, Senator Gunn was visited ~ the agency of classes from Bradford Academy, Burlington Christian Academy, and Smith Elementary School He was ingenious to discuss daily life at the NC General Assembly and take students adhering the Senate Floor. If you desire a school group coming to Raleigh, please execute not hesitate to contact our business!

NC Golf Alliance

On May 25th, Senator Gunn met with the NC Golf Alliance at the Governor’s Executive Mansion. The roundtable included debate regarding the great economic impact of the golf toil in North Carolina.

Mebane City Council

It is for aye a pleasure to visit with members of Mebane’s City Council to discuss the City of Mebane and important legislation!

Town Hall Day

On Town Hall Day at the General Assembly, Senator Gunn met with town officials from Liberty, NC to argue legislation.

Sheriff’s Visit

It was a appropriate privilege to have the opportunity to join battle with both Sheriff Departments from Senator Gunn’s quarter. There is a tremendous amount of constancy and dedication these individuals show in protecting our districts.

Piedmont Health

Senator Gunn met with officials from Piedmont Health on NC Hill Day to indicate about current health topics.

Alamance-Caswell Homebuilders Association

Senator Gunn always welcomes the Alamance-Caswell Homebuilders Association to his berth and understands the importance of this Association in his shire.

Senator Gunn Speaking at NC REALTORS Legislation Day

On June 22nd, Senator Gunn spoke to outer 200 of North Carolina’s greatest in quantity engaged NC REALTOR members from from one side of to the other the state during a Legislation Rally. The topics of ventilation were real estate issues and the moment of being engaged in the politic process. Senator Gunn is always expert to speak with fellow realtors across the state!

NC Association of Nurse Anesthetists

On June 22nd, Senator Gunn met with Abby Jones and Darcy Dennison-Harwood to reason about how nurse anesthesia practice impacts healthcare entirely across North Carolina.

Intern Logan Goes Abroad

We wish Logan Rigsbee, Senator Gunn’s Intern, a wild trip as she studies abroad to the University of Oxford in England! We be pleased miss her in the office!

Please be conscious of being free to contact Senator Gunn at his law-making office with questions, comments, or concerns.





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