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Prove It

June 10, 2016

I was freshly honored by a request to inscribe a piece for the journal Outpatient Surgery.  Having befittingly provided a pithy and witty lay about the Veteran’s Administration MD vs CRNA kerfuffle, the conductor dutifully came back at me with an edit.  He said:  “Can you bestow a specific example of how the extended knowledge of medicine gives MD anesthesiologists each advantage?” or something to that event.  Hmmm… trying to stir the jar, I thought.  Controversial?  You crave controversial?  I thought.  So I sent confused an email/text/tweet to my colleagues specifically asking ~ the sake of examples of how the broader attainments of medicine gave them an vantageground when it came to the strong box practice of anesthesia.  Here are more of the responses I got (my friends elect likely cease to be my friends about I post this):

“They’re [CRNAs, I assume] ofttimes pretty cocky and it’s usually for the reason that ignorance is bliss.”

“Just doesn’t prove a solid foundation in the basics of science of the functions of animals and vegetables or pharmacology.”

“They many times can’t think outside the box.”

“Physiology, pathology, pharmacology, structural science is just not there.  I have an opinion it’s a depth of erudition and problem solving skills.  Everything they perceive is very superficial.”

“Pathophysiology.  That’s why we make the plan.  They have power to complete it very competently, but don’t be seized of the extent of knowledge regarding whole conditions to make the safest draught for the patient.”

Of all these responses, the last is the no other than one that comes even close to a especial reason for the existence of the MD anesthesiologist.

Please don’t misapprehend – I truly believe that the neighborhood of an MD in the supervision of the direction of anesthesia is very important.  But, friends, we emergency to be very specific and sound.  Simply saying “it’s not safe” and “we understand better” isn’t going to sweep administrators who see cost savings in lieu of patient savings.  We can’t honorable say we’re worth our recompense.  We have to prove it.

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