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I have a portion this video somewhat reluctantly because I, of everything people, know the pain that accompanies ideal illness for both the sufferer and their loved-ones.  When I was in Nursing train, I was a Christian but I had hitherto to begin to understand a al~ment of spiritual things.  When we were in our Psych order I felt, as most people in the Psychiatric department, that it was egregious for tribe to even imply that mental illness was somehow related to the demonic.

But I had every experience when I was 19, that in fact alienated me from the Lord suitable to my lack of understanding of His soul of the universe and heart.  It was a life-changing and traumatic thing, and depression resulted, and that depression stuck round a long time.  I sought aid and guidance from Christian adults but that because of the nature of that which happened, it really was way yonder the scope of my maturity and discerning look, to even really know how to communication about it, much less where to influence by ~s for help, nor did I consciously apprehend how deeply and damagingly the actual feeling would effect me, and so it would have ~ing many years before I really dealt and came to stipulations with what happened.  Meanwhile, my intellectual health was constantly under assault.

It would have existence years before I took the pristine antidepressants, but it definitely got worse hind that. I went on to exist diagnosed Bipolar years later and took likewise more potent medications.  You decision never hear me say all pharmaceuticals are injury.  I am not going to declaration that there is not a lack for counseling and expertise to control people deal with things, but subsequently having experienced mental illness personally,  I definitely perceive that there is a Satanic air to it.  Whether it is that our minds substance un-well, provides Satan with a vulnerability too convenient to ignore, while we are so much easier to nettle in that state, or whether the medications we take  is which turns a “rough patch in life” into a life-slow condition (as the maker of this video implies) that may so much as end in death due to fickle mental states, I am not in this place to determine.  But the knowledge presented in this video is definitely value listening to and considering.

I take learned more in regard to holy things at this juncture, and of Scripture, and I be aware of that our mind and heart are muscle and fat and therefore they are one of our three “enemies” (the terraqueous globe, the flesh, and the devil) that can betray us.  What I gain come to understand by not without more my study in nursing of Pharmacology, end in taking psychotropic pharmaceuticals myself, is that in the similar way as happens with street drugs (which I have never been tempted to try) these medications chouse in fact put us into altered states of consciousness and these altered states are what make us vulnerable to the demonic and ideal realm.  Our spirit is that direction of us with which we are dexterous to interact with spiritual/supernatural beings.  God’s intended design during this was meant for our interaction with Himself.  But fallen angels and Satan are every one of about messing up (and messing in a circle with) what God created and deplorable to thwart God’s intentions.

But you may notice this video is not far from kids.  Well, unfortunately a haphazard of kids are medicated these days.  I was a School Nurse likewise.  It is as hectic exceedingly meds in elementary school as it was momentary meds on the geriatric unit.  But the sort of about kids who don’t take meds.  Well, in that place is Pokémon, Digimon, Avatar movies, New Age practices of “meditation” and “contacting character guides” being taught in elementary schools through Guidance Counselors and Teachers who were taught this stuff in the curriculum of the education colleges of this modern day.

In other war of ~, doorways galore, which give entrance to forces of darkness into the minds of children.  It used to have ~ing that a kid might be fairly shielded from this cloth and therefore no “doorways” opened to concede entry of demonic access into a child’s thought, but as more parents and pastors turn to Bible illiterate and devoid of understanding as well as discernment, as other thing and more people in general submit to political correctness and embrace toleration, the sheer quantity of paths of admittance to children have exploded.  I confident praying parents help prevent and aegis a kid and there aren’t similar to many praying parents as there used to have existence.  I believe that Christians in the common school system, teachers and administrators, at the very time ancillary workers and support staff like cafeteria workers, janitors, nurses, and of order those directly involved in interaction by students, used to be comprised of again praying people who probably prayed from one side out their day in the admonish building. 

Not so, (or not so much so) anymore.  Therefore, as walls and barriers and hedges pass out of sight, the places these demonic spirits be possible to access and influence, are less restricted each day.  Harry Potter, Twilight Series books, a fate of those are known for the despondency they contain, but that is verily only because the enemy has made similar huge inroads that they no longer take to be covert nor to flatter-coat and “hide” the unrevealed/mystical/New Age themes in their books and movies and videos and video games.  They are ~right and proud just like the nature of transgenderism and pedophilia.  Our kids are liable to injury.  There is almost no “shelter” no oasis in this world anymore whither we can escape the saturation of demonic things. But we don’t mark this as we wonder why in that place seems to be an epidemic of childhood mental illness.  (Adult mental sickness too, for that matter).

In other bickering, just like fifty years ago the mean proportion individual had no real awareness of to what extent badly industry was poisoning our waterways and weather, we were marinating in carcinogens and toxins, we at present live in a similar atmosphere spiritually oratory, and we badly underestimate the implications and the fallout of the current environment.

It doesn’t be appropriate to apparent overnight when the air we throw out is killing us, and it hasn’t be changed to obvious to people how the declination of God and holiness and virtue has cost us as a copartnership.  But now we are vision it.  Generations of kids in America regard never known there is a substantial Satan who is out to attend to them burn in hell with him.  Generations of kids in America don’t be aware of what Communism and Socialism have worked in this world elsewhere.  (And not honest kids in that case).

I reason this is what the Bible actually meant when it says that God visits the sins of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations.  He is not punishing the children despite the sins of their fathers.  He is exercising prevention and mercy, knowing that the weight will be that the sins committed at once, are going to send far-reaching ripples to what may occur hereafter generations, but rather than rule through that iron rod, which is in what condition it will be in the millennium, twinkling punishment for the rebellious, God is longsuffering and forgiving and gracious. Other generations suffer, but with the help of more time to realize their urgency for salvation.  He is indefatigable because He wants to give commonalty time, in this age of Grace, to earn saved.  Even back then, near the front of the age of grace (the poesy is Numbers 14:18) He was merciful.  So how much more in the a hundred years of grace is God allowing things to go on that are deeply painful and vulnerary to younger generations, and He doesn’t liking this, but it is for the purpose that the fullness of the Gentiles “number” demise be met.  Then his indignation will be poured out, and it has been accumulating a diffuse time now.

Mental illness is in likelihood the cruelest “illness” I be able to think of.  But all disorder is ultimately a result of delinquency and disease and deterioration and debt of nature entering into our world and our makeup “in Adam” when he sinned.  We inherited a sinfulness condition and the world inherited a denounce.  Victims of mental illness are not ~ at the stomach because they committed sins, but the case of a sinful state is the sort of makes all of us subject to distemper and death. Just as a weakened immune hypothesis makes a cancer patient or AIDS long-suffering more vulnerable to sickness and dissolution.

I have never addressed the subdivision of the vaccination/autism link, moreover I absolutely believe that vaccines are causing autism.  But with equal rea~n are many other things, stuff in our regimen and water and air.

It is compact to accept, but I do conclude that the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical persistence engenders one of the biggest scams that has till doomsday been perpetuated on humanity.  Again, not each drug is bad, and even the ones that make some change in the mind and consciousness, were invented in all probability in good faith by people with a sincere desire to help others, to remove suffering.  But then mammon enters the resemblance, and there you go.  There is not a great quantity room to trust something that generates in such a manner much wealth for a few good corporations and the elite who hide in the rear of their curtains.

When a child or an adult has one (or more) of these conditions, these medications often  seem to have existence the only thing that helps have the direction of the symptoms. If what the writer of this video says is very well, that these meds literally alter the brain, it’s natural makeup, nerve pathways, functional abilities, afterwards once that has already happened, I don’t look then how a parent with some of these conditions can then yank their suckling off the medications that control it.  The no other than value in learning this, then, is that it may continue some people from taking their baby into the “system” in which they will be subjected to labels and medications.  Even in consequence, however, since I personally don’t confident it is only the medications that are causing this pandemic of mental illness, that still power not be the answer.  Perhaps one particular child developed their mental indisposition from exposure to the same chemicals raise in some of these drugs, if it were not that their exposure was via chemtrails?  How with regard to people who live near major fleet lines? Garbage dumps where stuff seeps into the taint? Or their mandatory vaccinations?  See the kind of I mean? 

We are in a case in the present world where prevention may not exist much of an option. It’s already too late in some cases. Damage has been granted, and now the child depends forward medication to be somewhat normal. This, of direction, was the intention, but when it is the suit, then parents are sort of stuck with the tendency of action it is, and so are the kids.

I work out think that this stuff is to a high degree real, this medicine opens abstract doorways, and I think that there should definitely be prayer for the victims of it, inasmuch as Satan loves to attack an un-sound de-stablised intention.  And those minds are in the same state vulnerable to his manipulation.  So the concept of the “Zombie apocalypse”, at in the smallest degree in terms of the millions pendent upon these meds, is not entirely being of the cl~s who far-fetched as some may ween.

It is so good to be sure that children and babies will pass up in the rapture and those who be under the necessity been subjected to these things, will have ~ing changed and free of their impaired minds in the flashing of an eye.  That is comforting, excepting not much consolation in the face of the here and now conducive to someone living with this day in and promised time out.  This video is seat of life-breaking as so many other horrible crimes opposite to children in this world are.  God says grief to anyone who causes a child to stumble.   We not excepting that have caused stumbling,  but crippling of intent and body, and that added to the deaths from want of success, well, Babylon comes to mind.  America and Wall way at the center of it totality, and the buying power of “appropriate interest” groups like the Pharmaceutical labor, and the corrupt in power who render less difficult it.

I am not necessarily concurring to everything this shore says in the video, I virtuous think he makes some points cost thinking about.

Human Papillomavirus, HPV, that is one of the causes of cervical cancer, is not a requisite screening test for gay women.

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