Past two weeks…

Sorry formerly again for not posting last week. Finals were this week for a like rea~n I was studying my life gone, lol!!! And I’m very blissful to report that I passed my Pharmacology rank!!! Just relaxing now (while working off of course) until the next station begins on June 14th. The objection I’ve been doing with more friends is going well. I can now hold my planks for 45 seconds, woohoo!! Still put on’t like them very much, ha ha. As in the place of last week’s meals, we cranked them audibly over the weekend before and wholly were very satisfying.

Breakfast: Advocare Meal Replacement Shake or Advocare AM impediment

Lunch: Cajun jambalaya with veggies or Turkey slabby joe with veggies (we used sandwich thins toward the buns)

Dinner: Crockpot applesauce chicken through veggies/cauliflower mash or Blackened salmon with cauliflower mash

And on to this week…

It’s comical, we’ve gone out to act corrosively a couple times these past link together weeks and I’ve noticed we’ve changed in what plight we order as well. I’ve noticed we make choice of the healthier options on the menu instead going for the fried stuff. Don’t engender me wrong, we did go to Olive Garden from hand to hand the weekend and tried fried lasagna (that I highly recommend, very yummy) nevertheless we weren’t binge-eating. We always brought at least half our collation home. We’re both thinking of doing not the same challenge within the next week or with equal rea~n. My husband wants to do one just to get back on follow and to start working out greater degree of (you know, cause he STILL hasn’t translated any workout since starting and STILL dropped load down, LOL). I’m doing one inasmuch as I have hit a plateau. I’m always working out four times per week and caustic good. I just think I necessity to jump-start my body once more to get myself over this lil hump, ha! I’ve been looking up many workouts again because I think my corpse is getting too used to my wont. I really want to get back into running, goal that’s a bit difficult through five kiddos who are home instead of the summer. So, I’ve been checking through garage sales sites and craigslist on the side of a used treadmill that won’t disobey the bank. As for this week’s lunches, we honestly scrambled to acquire them with Memorial Day and hubby’s labor schedule. But as always, we managed to increase them done.

Breakfast: Advocare meal replacement shake or Advocare AM bar

Lunch: Cajun jambalaya with veggies or Grilled turkey burger with veggies (we used sandwich thins on this account that buns again, got to love Sams Club haha)

Dinner: Blackened have the side steak salad or Baked Lemon and thyme chicken with cauliflower mash

So school is about to get tougher with a 10 twenty-fourth part of a day clinical this time, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with blogging. At the consideration, I’m trying to map through my weeks not only for discipline but also study time and time to blog as antidote to a bit. Have a great rest of the week!!

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