My course – The Endocrine System

All weekend, I took one amazing course in and around women’s health, as a capstone for my Herman and Wallace Institute Physical therapy discipline in female and male pelvic health. It was a culmination of multiplied skills and around knowledge in many topics in and around the pelvic health arena. We discussed oncology (gynecological and breast and colon, specifically), chronic pain terms, endometriosis, trauma and sexual abuse and in the same manner much more. We also discussed nutriment, pharmacology and supplements that we be able to use to further help our patients. I knowing more information than I can participate here, but am committed to continuing to contingent this valuable information with all of you. On a sect note, the thing that was greatest number profound around this course was the community. The women, the energy, the placing in charge to helping others, the love, that surrounded us in that place was infectious. I felt so honored to be in the company of such prodigious people and women. The commitment to the same another and to the work that everyone is doing was intimidate inspiring.

Today, I want to distribute in some information in and on every side of the endocrine system that I erudite. All of the information was collected via the staff of the Herman and Wallace Institute, and I wish not take any information that is copyrighted; wholly information is sourced through the Institute. Simplified, our endocrine hypothesis is the ductless hormonal system that is emitted in a straight course into the blood stream via made up of many glands throughout our body. The hormones emitted behave for example the chemical communication system responsible on account of most action in our bodies including (however not limited to) metabolism, mood, be heedless, reproduction and sexual function and chain function. Today, I am going to point of convergence on a  few glands and hormones in the endocrine body that have strong affects on the fertile body and physical functioning of the female system.

Endocrine System:
The pituitary gland governs whole other glands and hormones in our material part , considered the Master Gland. It functions to make easy functioning of the rest of the glandular rule, and is a very important gland in that role. It emits contrasted hormones that affect all the other systems in the limits of the endocrine system.

The hypothalamus is the glad that serves as the link betwixt the endocrine and nervous system, and serves to produce homeostasis within the body, controlling our science of life via the autonomic nervous system. This is each important gland around the women’s health arena, as people dealing with chronic pain, PTSD from sexual assault, or other issues in and right and left women’s health arena could be obliged an up-regulated ANS and the hypothalamus could exist affected.

The thyroid regulates cellular exercise and affects metabolism, growth, development, and material substance temperature. When there is a proposition about thyroid (either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism), every evaluation must be made of not no other than the TSH, but also the unobstructed T4 and total or free T3. Being positive to get a complete panel (unruffled if your TSH comes back legitimate) is sometimes imperative to ensure you possess a true gauge of how well your thyroid is verily functioning. Please discuss this with your instructor if you are feeling any of the following amalgamation of symptoms:
Hypothyroidism: weight secure, dry skin, constipation, cold intolerance, turgid skin, cold intolerance, hair loss, hardship, and menstrual irregularity.
Hyperthyroidism: increased interior rate, anxiety, weight loss, difficulty dormant, tremors in the hands, weakness, diarrhea, puffiness or bulging of the eyes.

The adrenal glands (cortex) are of importance in that this is where urgency hormone is created. Cortisol is ~y important hormone that regulates how the material substance converts fats, proteins, and carbohydrates to life. It also is where sex hormones are formed.

Sex Hormones:
There are multiple sex hormones in the compass of the body. Today, we will bring toward a central point on a  few of them:

Estrogen: This hormone serves to throw puberty, protects bone, thickens vaginal fabric and creates lubrication, builds breast combination, increases sex drive, helps to debar heart disease and keeps cholesterol in manage, and is important in cognitive function and mental health (low/fluctuation in estrogen have power to lead to depression). It is produced in the ovaries (in women), adrenal glands and in greasy (fat) tissue.
Symptoms of Low Estrogen: Less of ~ occurrence menstruation, hot flashes and night sweats, repose disturbance, vaginal dryness (and overall skin dryness) and thinning of vaginal combination, poor libido, mood swings and belly-visceral fat deposition.
Symptoms of High Estrogen: Weight win, menstrual issues and excess PMS, fibroid arrangement, depression/anxiety, fibrocystic breast tissue and tire.

Progesterone: This hormone helps estrogen detail menstruation and endometrium preparation, plays a role in sex press, can feed into PMS symptoms, has cyclopean roles during pregnancy and is  neuro-protective, regulates neurotransmission and maintains myelination of the nerves. It is produced ~ dint of. the ovaries, placenta and adrenal glands.

Testosterone: This hormone is ~y androgen hormone that begins to deterioration in levels starting in the 20’s. As a consequence , women may experience adrenal fatigue, reduced pluck, thyroid issues and sexual dysfunction in the same manner with they age. Testosterone plays a role in sex drift and bone health, maintains pain reply reduction and preserves cognitive health. It is produced in the ovaries and adrenals in women.
High Testosterone: Obesity, acne, increased libido, enlarged clitoris, snappishness and erratic menstrual cycles.
Low Testosterone: Fatigue, importance gain, poor libido and mood swings, disquiet and depression, challenges with concentration, increased distress and reduced pain threshold, hair ruin, muscle atrophy and tissue thinning (labial).

Next time, we demise cover the female hormones of pregnancy and the diverse role that all of these hormones treat. We will also share some important resources on fertility and places to influence information to help guide women end their pregnancy journey and get educated to take the steps.

Following that, we determine discuss menopause from the endocrine perspective.

Thank you in advance


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