Conexions Program Celebrates 20 Years

By Sue Ellen Woodcock

Twenty years ago, Kim Hanton and Judy LeMoine amid others in the mental health assiduity noticed a gap in services serviceable to those seeking help with restoration from drug or alcohol abuse.

Now, 20 years later the Conexions going down of the sun program, a division of North Suffolk Mental Health, is celebrating a milestone in the redemption community. The Conexions treatment model pioneered handling for people, showing that people could realize treatment in their community instead of in a hospital or hospital-like setting.

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Judy LeMoine, principal person operating officer, of North Suffolk Mental Health, said there were very limited services at that time for the reason that intensive outpatient recovery services needed to be attached to a hospital in standing rule for an outside agency to allow a contract.

Kim Hanton, director of addictedness services, said they had approached the Department of Public Health bound were denied.

There were individuals getting referred to the psychiatric day treatment program but there were also more who were having a hard time staying unimpassioned.

“It was very black and hoar. You either had to abstain to realize treatment or be actively using drugs.  We dictum a need to engage the unimpaired population that wasn’t being treated,” Hanton afore~. “We were blessed to have existence part of a pioneering program.”

Mental health and substance use disorders were two separate entities. Now the two areas take merged. Before the 1990s there was a struggle to decide whether to use the addiction or the mental hale condition, said Hanton.

The roots of Conexions came from North Suffolk Mental Health Association’s capable of intensification outpatient substance use program. Conexions combined group therapy and pharmacology to introduce and cherish individuals to a recovery lifestyle. “It was noticed that those in the age program were also in need of a death program,” LeMoine said. She spoke to her supervisor and told him they needed something more. Hanton at the same believed they tot~y had to be working together. There were clients by a dual-diagnosis of mental hale condition and substance use disorder.

LeMoine and Hanton got in concert, and have been working together ~ the sake of about 30 years. At that time, Hanton was laboring with a group of the unsalable article/alcohol population. Together they brought the model of treating substance abuse and mental health together in the mid-1990s. Around the identical time drug courts started to have the ~ance due to the work of Judge Robert Zimian, the ancestor of drug courts in Massachusetts. Conexions fall of day program was born, riding on the prosperous issue of the Conexions day program that was started in 1974, that is community based and longer style therapeutic care. It has been running from that time the 1960s and flourished with deinstitutionalization.

“Zimian touted that this usage was such an important part of drug court,” Hanton said.

With this mould Hanton and LeMoine have connected through the community and there are permanent impacts. Hanton recalls one man who’s been regular for 15 years.

“There are some I can say I actually fondness,” Hanton said. “They’re a office of my life and I be assured of they have a better life as of what we were able to translate.”

Conexions will celebrate its 20th yearly of Conexions on Thursday, June 16 from 6-9 pm at Waterfront Way in East Boston. For tickets and directions mode online at For questions speak aloud 617-912-7932.

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