COMLEX + 1 Week

Remarkably, today marks unit week since I sat for my Step 1 the stage. It has taken nearly a week on account of the anxiety surrounding the boards to slowly decay away. For many months I’ve been studying myself nearly into a stupor. Now, abruptly, I acquire nothing to study. The day I got home from the boards I sat down at my small desk out of habit, ready to bountiful my USMLE First Aid book. I stared at it dumbly, pop realizing I was done. I verily felt lost for a few moments. What terminate I do now? I musing to myself.

Since coming to this realization, I wish had the extreme pleasure in spending more time with my family, doing some local teaching, and reading about those of the healing art subjects which were a little weaker concerning me (can anyone say PHARMACOLOGY??). I am looking advancing to 3rd year with profound under 1 and 2: finally, we get to help patients ~ward the wards! For me, this is a “go to the wards” as I take 18 years of military medical continued in clinics, the field, and hospitals. It feels like I’m to come home.

Meanwhile, I have at minutest two more weeks of waiting face to face with board scores are released. No appliance being anxious now – what’s concluded is done and it is wholly literally in God’s Hands.

I’m indebted for getting this far and true much looking forward to the nearest two years and to residency beyond.

Be blessed, dear reader. I’ll observe you posted.

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