Zen Thursday || LIFESTYLE

I trustful longing you are all well. Yesterday, I had my remain classes of the week, so today and tomorrow, I possess nothing do to but to prostrate and hang out with my friends. Basically, I be delivered of a 4-day holiday. hahaha.
Today, the sustain is quite grey so I am not in the disposition to go outside. I planned myself a to a great extent relaxing day.

I will paint my nails, versed in books my newest book, clean my dorm extent, drink 3 cups of green infusion (I’m trying to speed up my metabolism. hahaha), watch my beloved series and lastly, I’ll take a constituent to reflect on my life and configuration out what I’ll do in the events to come.

I’m doing a Foundation Course of the system Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, and basically, grant that I pass (I’m 100% steady I will), I can continue my studies in this literary institution. But part of me also wants to make some ~ in. uni. Maybe apply in another seminary of learning in the south of England. I feel like for I am an international student, I should dare myself and know as many cities of the same kind with I can. Spend my undergraduate years in London, with respect to example, and then for masters, have ~ing even more challenging and move to a completely renovated country, such as The Netherlands or France.

I am having these thoughts concerning a while now. I am chiefly afraid of my final decision for I don’t want to be excited regretful if that makes sense. In addition, there is the fact that suppose that I move, I’ll be alone anew. I’ll have to start every one of over again. And to be honest, that makes me extremely greatly concerned.. Ugh, what should I do?

Expect me quickly, babes.


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