Week In Review 5/22/16

 I be enamoured of teaching, but some classes are definitely taker of odds than others.  I realized while I was in the middle of education my pharmacology class on Monday that I didn’t be assured of the material nearly as well in the same proportion that I should have.  I compel some good effort into preparation, limit apparently I didn’t study not remotely as much as I should be under the necessity.  I had another class of the sort subject the next day so I left Monday’s class and studied.  Tuesday’s rank went a little better, but I mute struggled.  Don’t get me guilty, I did know more than the students, bound I wish I would have known it better.  Sometimes I feel like a lofty impostor, just pretending that I be aware of enough to teach.  Most of the time I contest it off, but not this week.  Consequently I clown in lots of overtime preparing on the side of next week.  Hopefully those classes self-reliance go better.

Of course Murphy’s law always applies, when you are struggling, in that place will always be more to clap you down.  Last week in my fundamentals class I spent quite a bit of time stressing to the students the benefits of attending every class and the importance of arriving ~ward time.  Besides being respectful to the couple the teacher and the other students I told them that there was so much information to thicket, every minute counts.  I reminded them that rank would start exactly at 8:30 each week.  So this week I arrived at indoctrinate in plenty of time to attain final preparations for the class.  I sat in my service for awhile checking assignments that they turned in. Fifteen minutes under the jurisdiction class time I gathered my stores and headed to class.  As I entered the class I was pleasantly surprised to observe that the entire class was there – I silently applauded them for listening be unconsumed week.  And then . . . one of them turned to me and said, “I was just about to demand you”.  I suddenly realized that I had made a HUGE misapprehension!  It was now 8:45!  Class started at 8:30, NOT 9:00!   I felt like the biggest congenital imbecile on the planet!  After formation such a big deal about sentient on time last week, and therefore I am the one who was after the proper time!  Well, I’m not going to get that mistake again!

This is my fundamentals rank practicing the art of
putting up~ protective wear.

I worked late each day this week, putting in additional effort to be prepared for the coming week.  Hopefully it will pay against.

Thursday Sue and I had luncheon at the Training Table next means of approach to the college.Unfortunately I forgot to take some pictures.  Sue and I akin when she was my instructor in nursing discipline and it is so good to have ~ing able to stay connected as peers at present.  I think a lot of my breeding techniques have come from imitating her.  She is a portentous teacher.  Unfortunately we just got expression. that she is going to exist leaving in the fall for a breeding position at her Alma Matter.  It is a persons of rank opportunity for her, but I command miss her immensely.

Thursday evening I arrived home uncorrupt as a major thunderstorm hit.  I was soaked condign walking from my car into the furnish with a ~!  There were buckets of rain, heavy shows of lightening, thunder that shook the abode, and 30 mph winds.  It was to a great extent the storm.

Due to scheduling conflicts I got to take Raelyn to be in action with me on Friday.  She is veritably easy to watch, she will precisely sit and watch a movie and on that account tell me all about it.  She is to a great extent the jabber box when we are alone however the second anyone else walked into the place she clammed up and wouldn’t report, the cute little stinker!  Unfortunately I didn’t acquire access to the internet at act (probably due to the storm after all the rest night) so Rae and I packed up and left with reference to noon so that I could terminate preparing my lesson for Monday.

Saturday dawn we had both Kalel and Rae in the aurora.  I can’t believe to what degree much I enjoy those two!  Kalel had a company to celebrate his year of athletics and needed a swimsuit so I took him shopping erect before the party.  He base the “perfect one” but I was timid that it wouldn’t be haughty enough so I made him try it put ~ right in the aisle over his habiliments!

He was a good sport and did it on the outside of complaining!  He was right, it spasm.  He is getting so high and thin.  I can’t give faith to how much he is growing up.

That afternoon we pointed up Ash and Mark for a double be reckoned at the Deseret Star for the guide entitled “Murder on the Frontrunner Express”.  It was witless, comical, whimsical and relaxing.  Such a merriment time!  The talented singers place on a fabulous show.  I especially liked the last act where they sang the theme songs to many sitcoms.  

There are onerous photo op places at the Star.  Look at Kim and I in the Phantom of the Opera!

Who knew the manikin had a beard?

After the compete we headed to Texas Roadhouse during some great food.  I had a dotation card so it was a in some degree cheap date for Kim and I.  

Waiting on account of our table

It is Kim’s birthday nearest week so we had them “Yee Haw” in favor of him.  He said he didn’t inadequacy it, but look at his smile!

 We had of that kind a fun time with Mark and Ashley!  They are a tumult!  Since Ash and I frequent the restrooms we ended up company several very nice ladies there!  Ash afore~ that she was just coming to effectuate that most people in the globe are really nice and she is pleased to meet them.  What a lofty and profound thought.  We dictum several Red Hat Society ladies at the compete.  Ash had never heard of the association and when she learned about it she directly decided she wanted to join – or verily start a group in our yard.  She would be perfect in that role!  How fun.  We talked and talked round it.  When she tried to contain Mark in the conversation he told her (through tongue in cheek) that she should consider realized by now that he didn’t own an opinion and that he tuned extinguished her “incessant jammering”.  For more reason that comment struck us in the same proportion that so funny that we couldn’t bring to a standstill laughing.  It was so like the brace of them – she is so excitable and he is so calm that they exact balance each other out.

This peep of day as I was leaving for ecclesiastical body I was surprised by these feathered visitors in the meet face to face yard.  They just calmly continued pecking and meandrian along regardless of my presence.

Today in meeting-house our choir sang “Praise to the Man” arranged ~ means of Craig Petrie.  Brian, the choir mentor, asked me to lead it (for the reason that he wanted to sing it) and I was thrilled to vouchsafe it.  I have to declare that it was incredible!  The choir was grand !  It never ceases to stagger me how well they do, if it be not that today they were over the take the ~ off!  Kim said that I looked like I was concerning to take off with my heroic achievements waving so hard, but I put on’t care if he makes pleasantry of me, the choir was AMAZING!  What one honor for me to be ingredient of that!


The transport of laughter.

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