Two Innocent Lives were Sacrificed

Location : Pharmacology Lab, Level 13
Time : Circa 2.30 ~ 4.00 PM

“Effect of Analgesics in Mice Using Hot Plate Method”

Mice A : Control
Mice B : Control
Mice C : Indomethacin
Mice D : Morphine

I was assigned to accomplish the boring but important task, with a view to control, where I need to administer distilled take in ~ to the mice and see its’ rebound when put on a hot silverware (55 degree celcius) for 15 seconds. The divide off time is to avoid detriment to the mice. Our main objective is regarding analgesics, which is heartache, so any injury would alter the consequence .

Once I’m done, I left the mice back to its’ cage and observed my friends who were assigned concerning mice administered with Morphine. We calculated the contortion based on its’ mass, and Dr. Ram assisted us to administer the Morphine to the mice. He did is for a like rea~n gently! I guess this is the sort of it meant when people say male doctors are nicer? After getting the clyster, the mice were still active and vigorous. We left it to calm and will bring it out on the fervent pate 30 minutes later.

The Accident

Done observing, I moved to Indomethacin clump. I was startled to see couple fainted mice!! They were breathing harshly and were not pathetic even an inch. 🙁 My friends were kinda traumatized because the mice died in her palm and fingers. Ha. It’s impossible that we’ve miscalculated the dosage. After occupation the lecturer, we decided to remodel the dosage. The third mice fainted too. This time was too bad, closely after the injection, its’ eyes sorta circulated (?) backwards and turned outrageous. For your information, a normal eyes of a lab mice is red. I apothegm it clearly.

This group is the hamper attention now. Girls are crying.

We proceeded to the fourth mice. It fainted in the same manner with well. It looks like in bitterness, being tortured, rather than a assuaging effect, to be honest. Our primary diagnose was the analgesic was likewise strong, that’s why we decreased the dosage. Now we apprehend, something is wrong with the mix with ~s itself. Dr open up the envelop and it smelt of something else. Alcohol is I’m not in error. Oh God.

The analgesic was wrongly labelled by the lab technician.

I learn a trying lesson today. That’s why it is of great weight for a medical student to discern basic laboratory knowledge, all the spotters, common derivation agar etc, to avoid these accidents. In this scope, a simple carelessness can lead to death. Today was four mice, a substance amount enough for me, though more were joking around just because it’s a mice. Every lives counts.

What allowing that it was a human? 

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