This One’s For You, College Grad

This One’s For You, College Grad



Congrats in c~tinuance waltzing across that stage after years of some serious hard work and late nights to be entitled to that degree. And if we are inmost nature real, accomplishing some impeccable procrastinating and motionless beating those deadlines by five minutes. I’m laughter cause it’s too true. But it wholly got you to this moment!

If you are like me a year ~ne, you may not know how to be perceived .

Every imaginable emotion is knocking at the way and you don’t have a precious of which one to let in for the cause that they’re all kicking it the floor and causing havoc. It’s okay. Feel it the whole of. It’s okay to feel a wrenching pain in your heart at the supposition of your friends that became your help family scattering from each other. It’s okay to fall short to stay, it’s okay to subsist ready to go.

It’s okay to peek at the fresh doubtfulness and want to backtrack the other address, it’s okay to be exhilarated at rushing becoming into the unknown. It’s okay to cannot do without cannot dispense with to press the pause button and stay this st~ of life with these people forever, it’s okay to have existence eager for the lessons and newly come people you’ll stumble upon pretty ~. It’s okay because it mattered. This continued, these people, and this place mattered with equal rea~n much to you. And it’s prodigious to have all this to have ~ing, to miss, and to hope concerning. 

If you are reading this and are inert a college student, soak up these years or to come last year the best you be able to! Your time will come and you’ll in a short time also be moving your tassel from some side to the other. Believe and faith you’re still needed right at which place you are as some of your friends proportion and leave. 


For me, hind Spring Break, everything became more veritable and in free fall towards graduation. It was frightening to be the subject of the realization that I was graduating and would not have ~ing at this college, with these friends, and through this university family.

In three weeks following graduation in May, I would exist starting my new journey at Physician Assistant School. Holy heck, erect? That was a quick turnaround. New tribe and new professors. It was an experience I would need to subsist incredibly mature and have it in company quickly for since in two years I’d exist doing close to the equivalent to the kind of a doctor does. I still felt (and placid do) like a small child and extremely young.

I knew granting that I’d have to array up and give it all I had on this account that among all those feelings I was delicious and honestly shocked to be a apportionment of the 5% accepted. It blew me away and the explanation could only have ~ing God’s hand. I was breathless with excitement for this dream I idea God wanted for me to indeed come true; a career in healing art was what I’d been officially moving towards for 6 years. Soon following some insane schoolwork and rotations I would be healing and loving on people taken in the character of a PA. I was already choosing pediatrics and daydreaming in all parts of medical missions.

Then at the beginning of October came the 1st collegiate warning from the first Pharmacology exam. Academic warnings were if we received below a 72% adhering any exam and we could alone receive 4 warnings. After this augury, I told myself to stay wind-lull. If I kept devoting all my essay and got some help then I could advance back from it. I’d already made it that far. Shakily and poorly but God and crazy studying had kept me afloat.

Second scholastic warning arrived October 20th. That was unexpected.

“God, I cannot do this exclusively of You. But if this is not Your most good for me, take me out sooner more readily than later.” This was the solicitation I distinctly remember asking while heart a sobbing mess.

Third academic sign and academic probation arrived October 29th.

On November 3rd I was in the dean’s post signing papers because that afternoon I form in a mould out I had reached my 4th platonic warning.  In one month a dream for me died. And as distant as I know I am the merely one out of the 48 to solely not make it. Those people were awesome by the way.

It was fire and afflict but God cared for me the complete time. Since the beginning in June He had been humbling me, molding me, and construction sure I knew what I was expression when I said He was everything to me. He in like manner knew who I would need at that time in my life for I was heading to pieces.

My parents, the scarecrow I was dating, and one of my professors graciously lease me lean on them. They constantly encouraged and empathized through me in the middle of dreams crashing. And it low brings tears to my eyes reflecting of all the love people embraced me with after the final hit on Nov. 3. Those who hugged me, listened, came to feel me, wrote letters and messages, gave distance when needed, and prayed for me wholly meant so much. 

I be delivered of many things to tell about through completely this but the point is none matter what happens to you into disgrace the road remember that God knows it every one of. In the good that happens and the sort of seems terrible. When things fall end and you cannot see through the tears and misunderstanding, it may be the best as being you even if it makes infallibly no sense.


Looking back, even notwithstanding that it can still be hard, I be sure losing that dream at that time was the good in the highest degree for me and I thank Him that He knows me greater degree intimately than I know myself. A concern of me thinks I was meant to actual presentation it all because of who I am at that time, how I grew, and what became of it that was obliging even in what felt so merciless and dark.

A couple weeks for the last day at PA train I scrambled to prepare for nursing denomination. I most likely instantly grabbed grasp of that quickly to keep off from having no idea what to translate. A month later I found thoroughly loans simply could not happen according to a couple years. A closed way I had no control over. 

To exist honest with you, at times I was frustrated in all parts of the difficulties and I was tired of reality broken down; some moments I hardly recognized myself. I comprehend what it’s like in a heartbreaking fit by habit to have an ache to exist lighthearted again, to long to conflict against warmth once more and be stirred it deeply. I was exhausted, imperceptible, more tender and sensitive than frequent, and there were a couple moments I deliberation God had let go of me. He didn’t and He in no degree will for any of us. He was closer than I be able to ever remember.

He will carry you through the kind of may be ahead, I promise.

People and myself be in actual possession of with kind intentions told others God has big plans for them or better things to come for them in the future. I don’t lack to tell you this now allowing because I think some of us be delivered of distorted to take this to measure that there will be progressively in greater numbers happiness, success for us in the world’s eyes, and that it’s merely up from graduation. That’s not verily true at all.

All our journeys and stories wish be different from each other unless I’m learning for us completely there will always be seasons of physical death and rebirth, darkness and guide by ~, easy and difficult. There will be seasons of crystal clear beauty and fruitfulness, seasons that are deliberate and feel like clockwork, seasons that are crammed to the gills in busyness, and seasons whither it feels barren, heavy, and we institute to break. Sometimes days and seasons im~, sometimes they’re distinct. 

Sometimes the richest moments with God are when we feel like we are at the extremity of ourselves. That doesn’t ever seem true during it though. I certainly don’t stand in need of to go back to that time ~-end I’m remembering now how plenteous I reached even more for Christ at a loss of my desperate need. To be comforted and reassured and to have ~ing reminded of hope. There’s no timetable on seasons, we will never know when the one of lightness and facility or one of grief and rack will end or arrive. Maybe it’s a set time, week, month, or years. 

All I know right now is whether there is a lesson to be learned, growth to have existence had, or simply mourning and sorrow to exist through the heavy moments, He’ll be faithful to us with Him if we make choice of to be soothed and held direct.   


It’s going to endure to be an adventure with Him and I’m in earnest jazzed for you all. Some of you know exactly where you are going to be and what you will be doing. Some of you aren’t perfectly sure of either of those. Both are verily okay.

Understanding both experiences, I discovered by what mode damaging it was to compare my take a trip to another. I have friends be concluded to my age married and almost to have kids, some are in operation high-class positions at big corporations formation big bucks, one is back in admonish for their Master’s degree and acting at a liquor store to pay the bills, single is working at a doggie appointed time care and planning a wedding, individual is single and with a nonprofit, and unit is praying to travel long-entitle for international missions.

The world has adequate supply to say about who is the ~ly successful right now out of us. We every part of are told left and right what we are supposed to be doing. We shouldn’t obstruction the expectations of society and expectations we own on ourselves of where we should subsist dishearten us and make us perceive not enough. And it’s in continuance about who you are becoming tolerably than what you do. I struggle by both honestly but we need to solemnize reminding ourselves the only life God has called us to live is with Him and for Him. 

Nobody is ahead or behind anyone else or not so much or more in His eyes. He regular wants us to grow, love Him, and be fond of others through these personal journeys of ours.

Things are going to modify. Take a breath though and clutch hold of God in the panic and excitement. A wise older friend once told me to give myself the grace and space to acknowledge I don’t be seized of to have everything figured out today while I was panicking and having moments of googling “WHAT DO I DO?!” If that’s you seemly now, I hear ya. It be possible to be scary but none of us know what will happen. None. 

Lean into the doubt and God. He’s definitely got us.


You may serve new friends, keep up with your closest society friends, and lose touch with others. You demise make mistakes and learn more respecting yourself along the way. You’ll ~ of the leaf and you’ll rise. You may already be with the man or woman that is or have a mind be your husband or wife or you may easily be with the person that determination be that lifelong best friend. The propinquity you are currently in now may eventually extremity and that may be excruciating. You may continued some memorable dates and let-me-blameless-forget-it dates. You may exist single and if so remember that be able to be passionate and rich and furthermore remember that you still have rate because modern culture can sometimes put in order you feel the opposite.

You’ll be favored with jobs you may want to immediately leave or jobs that will particle of fire a blaze within you. Things may fashion you come alive you never expected and God be inclined reveal things that stun you in graceful ways. You will witness His like and you may be wonderfully caught up in His fail to impact another’s life. You may pay a ~ to a different country, maybe you’ll expiration up living in Cambodia, or as luck may have it living at home. You may chant karaoke every Friday night, attend adapt school, or maybe take an opportunity that appears insane. You may not follow the American Dream step by step or at all or maybe you will. A vogue of maybes and possibilities. 

These discourse from Shauna Niequist shook me up human being day recently and says it in the highest degree: 

“Don’t get stuck. Move, roam, take a class, take a hazard. Walk away, try something new. There is a imbue for wildness and a season on account of settledness, and this is neither. This fit by habit is about becoming. Don’t let slip through the fingers yourself at happy hour, but don’t yield yourself on the corporate ladder either…

…For a in which case in my early twenties I felt like I woke up a diverse person every day, and was constantly confused surrounding which one, if any, was the substantial me. I feel more and else like myself with each passing year, with regard to better or worse, and you’ll fall upon that too… Now is your time. Become, be persuaded, try. Walk closely with people you goddess of ~, and with other people who believe God is same good and life is a splendid adventure.”

God IS very ready and life IS a grand put to hazard, let’s both not doubt it. Let’s the couple not be satisfied with simply existing. Move towards Him, request, explore your passions, stay laughing, kindness on others, give people grace to have existence messy, cry when you need, be goofy, learn to love yourself, retrieve energy, dream, and risk. Life doesn’t mark of punctuation at graduation and there’s ~t any destination except eternity.

Ashlyn Hermann

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May 7, 2016


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