▪️Pressure is compulsion applied over a unit area. Pressure  = Force/Area. It’s SI one is Pascal.

▪️️There are 7 base SI units , from which others are derived (which are known in the manner that derived SI units)

▪️Pascal is a derived SI one. It is N.m-2. It is represented by the symbol Pa.

▪️One pascal is tantamount to a force of one newton applied from one side of to the other an area of one square measure . (N.m−2) 

▪️The pascal is a little amount (1 N is equal to righteous 102 g weight

▪️For this intellect kilopascals (kPa) are used as measure.

▪️The standard atmospheric straits is: 101.325 kPa = 1.013 tribunal = 14.696 psi =1 atm

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