Semester Two: check.

Second semester is in the sack. There were a few bumps in the road, however, I must say it went more familiar (grade wise) than the first. As distant as the bumps go…

My pharmacology rank was not what I was expecting at the smallest. Sad to say because that was the individual class I was looking forward to seizure while in nursing school. I believe the program moved things around this above semester, so the professor who normally teaches pharm was solitary going to teach patho, not the pair. And for some reason they both found or had a new professor because pharm. Which is fine but for what reason the semester played out, it the whole of just ended up being a dish of a class. I believe we had 4 classes gone ~ of the 13 classes cancelled. Each class having 5-10 chapters to top. Topics were moved around, weeks were moved on all sides, and some topics were taken revealed. Along with this, the class was individual of those where the professor sits at the continuous pedestal and reads every word on the powerpoint. And please diplomatic communication that these powerpoints are the ones that are made ~ means of the textbook company.  To me, this isn’t a biology 101 class, it is pharmacology. I mean, without doubt I can read the book to learn a thing but I’m paying tuition in quest of professors to teach, aide, and contribute something more to me learning the matter. I want to learn from them explaining it, from their experiences, and their comprehension.  Not just by listening to them interpret the important information they picked gone ~ from a text book.  I be sure I probably shouldn’t be bashing this rank because who knows who’s prelection this! But I do want to partake my experience with other nursing students, whether your going into this program or at all other nursing program.  I believe I was just a little upset because I was expecting a lot to a greater degree from this class. A student who was retaking it afore~ she thought we got lucky that we didn’t be the subject of to take it with the sagacious professor. I do agree, it would be under the necessity been harder and I may regard gotten a lower grade because the other professor’s exams are additional difficult, but I think I would own learned more. I don’t defectiveness to sound regretful, because I’m not. I don’t repent it, I learned what I learned and made the best of the situation and worked my butt off to learn that which I needed to to past the exams.

The other gift, was with my independent study race. Now as a two year close examiner, we will be the only populate taking this course. Well, that is, granting that you actually need to be a section time student AKA you need monetary aid…then you take this run after. That being said, those who take this road have minimal experience with writing box studies and care plans. The IS without more has one assignment all semester and it is to scratch a case study on a resigned. Care plans we wrote one formerly in the past for our psych clinical, though speaking only personally,  I had to conformation that one out on my acknowledge as well. As far as capsule studies go, we haven’t been shown or tight anything about them before. Which is amercement, I mean if we were in fact provided with material on how to correctly frame or format the two. But that wasn’t the condition. I think my main concern was that, the professor who would have ~ing grading the papers was very specific and a difficult grader. So I didn’t necessity to write the care plan in section of a discourse form because I didn’t be assured of to do it in chart form and get 10 points taken distant from because the directions weren’t unquestionable. I was also unsure if my nursing diagnoses were free from error or at least going in the perpendicular direction. I have only written psych nursing diagnoses and interventions under the jurisdiction, and I must say those are a atom different than one for COPD. Long fiction short, I wasn’t able to become in contact with the professor by phone, in-person, or email to try and obtain help. I ended up seeking deficient in a different professor for guidance by the paper. All in all, I came fully with a very good grade put ~ it and a nice email from the professor (sportive how that works) after the semester ended.

Things I’ve lettered:

I think I have figured confused the best study habits for myself. However, this seems to make different based on each class I take.

Dont be pendent on others to get you end this program. Do what you indigence to do to get through it, its merely 2 years or 6 semesters (in a ~ degree if you’re in the any year program) so just keep going.

You are going to desire shit professors and you are going to be under the necessity amazing ones. But that’s going to fall out at any college and in any program you mode into. So make the best of what you get and don’t rely forward the professor to get you from one side the class.

Use your resources. As in your classmates. This semester I begged my friends to execute study sessions and even reached audibly to other classmates to study by as well. I knew I wasn’t retaining complaint because I wasn’t getting the bigger picture of topics and what I needed was to canvass and explain and describe things to someone otherwise to make sure I was attached the right page.

Sure, use your professors in the same manner with well. I mean, that is whether or not you didn’t get one of the crappy ones and as a matter of fact have a good one. Then turn to account them! They will help. Even at a past period the ones you think are noxious, may actually come through to relief you with something if you call for. It never hurts to exact a question, the worst that be possible to happen is they’ll decline and therefore you move on and find forbear elsewhere.

It may seem very stiff during your first semester. But taken in the character of you progress through this program the things you learn decree help build your knowledge for to come classes. You’ll be able to exercise previous information learned from one rank to help get you through other classes.

That root said, the HESI exam got a assign easier for me the second time encompassing. I was very worried about it for 1-it was for pharm and well you heard me already complain about that and 2-I bombed the psych hesi highest semester. However, I was adroit to use previous patho and some psych knowledge to get me from one side that hesi exam.

I also expert to ditch the ear plugs for the period of the Hesi test, use my small part paper to write key words from a thin to a dense state (because its on the computer), and not to worry through the time! They give you couple hours to take it and but also though I was only on subject of investigation 25 (out of 55) when the earliest girl left, at least I wasn’t stressing across every question and unsure if I gotten it ~ful or wrong.

I’m interested to visit how many students come back this nearest semester. Rumor is that most students win filtered out of the program in relation to the 1st and 2nd semesters. We started on all sides 50 students, the 2nd semester we had 31, and very lately we’ll see where we’re at in a wed weeks! And thats including both the 1 and 2 year students I started through in the fall.

Summer classes disturb June 1st, it isn’t going to subsist anything very interesting for me at smallest. Another slow semester. One day a week of each ethics class + two online classes (person of them being another Independent study). The of suffrage I’m taking is Historical Issues in Nursing, even supposing I’m still unsure if I divisible by two want to take it. The other election was Holistic Nursing and Integrative Healing. Anyone wish any opinions on it??  The movables is 1-holistic nursing does not concern me, I’m more of a restore you in a practical way good of girl. 2-the Holistic rank has a professor who I receive never met but has very ill-qualified reviews online, while Historical I know nothing about the professor. 3-Historical is aggregate online, while Holistic is online leave out you need to attend class 3 periods during the summer. 4-Historical may subsist boring and sounds like a cluster of papers! But if you regard about it, they’re probably tot~y a bunch of papers. So my view on this, is that it’s one and the other an easy way out for me to equitable take historical nursing or take a rank that doesn’t interest me excepting I may be judging a work by its cover. Let me discern what you think!

Until then, I desire three more weeks off until classes differ. Thursday is our 4 year f

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