Someone knowing picked a Google math and delineate geek to be the artist in domiciliation at the San Francisco Exploratorium.  Thank you one as well as the other.

704+bush+apartments+photo_4The fellow, Eric Fischer, used his residency to levy together the rental data on San Francisco going back 68 years.

What he fix was a simple equation: F(separation)= a (.066) -(Vacancy) +(employment total) +(undertake level).

So, if you want rents to reach down, build more rental units, obstruct the growth of business and acquire rid of high paying jobs.


And San Francisco is alone doing the middle one, stopping the putting out of business.  Most of the profession that is coming to San Francisco these days bear high paying jobs such as in the pharmacology earth or Internet.  So, all the City have power to do to lower rent is driving walk of life out of town, which it has been real at for 30 years of Democrat-Union iron rule.

Thank you Eric.  Now the City needs a credible person to explain that to the citizenry.

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