Options for the future?

Hey tot~y !

I’ve got my A2 exams coming up and I guess I’m good concerned about my plans for the what may occur hereafter.

At AS, I got B C D in Biology, Chemistry and English Lit respectively. They were not what I was hoping since, and this year I feel like if I’m not going to improve attached these grades much. My personal predictions because of this year range from A B C to B C D spite my official predictions being A B B.

I am re-captivating some modules from last year, what one. so far has boosted my English stage to a C. I’ve in like manner done an Extended Project (called Science Perspectives) in favor of which my first draft achieved a C (credible a B after all the press I fixed and added).

I’d venus to go to a good literary institution and study my passions (Pharmacology, Biochemistry) no more than am worried that even if I accomplish achieve good enough grades in Biology and Chemistry, that English Lit volition hold me back from going to a benefit university, or the degree I expiration up with wont be worth the wealth. Of course I should wait to the time when results day to put too a great deal of thought into this, I’m straightforward looking for some feedback and ideas.

Currently I’m sensible of a handful of options:

– Take my A-Level results taken in the character of they come and find any Biology/Chemistry related course at any university I be possible to.

– Do a ‘fast-track’ 1 year, AS & A2 set of dishes in a different subject to ‘re-establish’ English. (I’m not sure to what extent the introduction of new specifications affects this)

– Spend a year revising A2 ~ed again, and do re-sits nearest summer for any modules with grades diminish than what I need.

Thank you in advance for any input and advice guys .

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