May 4, 2016


SLATE – What “Addiction” Really Means ~ The reporting attached Prince’s death reveals how a great deal of we don’t understand about deep-seated pain management.
By Jerrold C. Winter (Jerrold C. Winter is a professor of pharmacology and therapeutics at the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of the University at Buffalo and the first cause of Optimal Aging)
MAY 3 2016

” … But a rational debate of the death of Prince—and of in the way that many others—should not be guided by notions of “doctor-shopping,” ~y opioid “epidemic,” or dim images of those in pain enslaved by drugs. Instead, we should seek every understanding of the drugs of moment: how they work to relieve punishment, how they kill in overdose, how deaths might be prevented, and to what extent we should respond as a society both to their risks and to their benefits…”

“Partly ascribable to the stigma around painkillers, those who stomach chronic pain that is effectively treated through opiates may be reduced to “savant shopping” in an endless quest notwithstanding adequate treatment. They may find a skilled professional schooled in bitterness management; more likely, they will attain to a “scrip doctor,” ~y unscrupulous physician who makes his ecclesiastical ~ writing opiate prescriptions. Even worse, they may have existence driven into the illicit market at what place heroin and fentanyl, a particularly unsafe opiate, are available, often for inferior than the cost of prescription drugs.

This is neat significant because of the indisputable act that it might minimize the risk of relapse.

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