Nigerian Blogger Creates A Muslim Inspired Barbie

     Hijarbie is a modestly dressed doll styled by Haneefah Adam out of her bedroom in Kwara explain, western Nigeria. The doll is styled in hijabs,maxi skirts, well covered tops and abayas in brave prints and colours.
     Haaneefah who has a masters remove in Pharmacology from Coventry University in the UK afore~ the idea for Hijarbie came to her in relation to going through a popular Barbie Style position on social media where she noticed completely the dolls where dressed in skimpy or tight fitting outfits – a manner most Muslim girls are unable to sameness with. Hijarbie shows young Muslim girls that they have power to be fashionable and stylish without loss their identity.
     The dolls are imported from China time Haneefah designs their clothes using locally sourced fabrics. Around 200 dolls own been sold since February via a distributor in the UK from to what it is dispatched to other intellect of the world. It retails with a view to 25 pounds. What started as a garran shared on Instagram is growing into a gainful business for Haneefah.
     Hijarbie is charge of a growing global movement tiresome to show the hijab and other unassuming Islamic dresses as symbols of empowerment according to women and not oppression. Nigeria is home to surrounding 180 million people roughly split betwixt Christians and Muslims.

Please click to this place for video.

Picture credit +Seun Sanni

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