More Gratitude

I woke this dawn and my little cockapoo dog Gilbert was fit there beside me in bed sharp to snuggle and squirm.  With meet ~ to ~ thoroughly licked I got up and enjoyed having my hold space, my own bathroom and existing room and kitchen.  This is my distance. I’m so blessed.  Thank you Lord conducive to this home.

When I got dressed, throwing on jacket and sweats over my not towards public consumption sleeping attired, I took Gilbert external.  It had rained. The grass and clusters of leaves were so happy and green. I liked that ~wards the rain scent in the gentle wind, fresh and clean.  Thank you Lord in quest of the outdoors, the air, the view, wide open spaces.

Gilbert and I walked in a line the trail in the woods ~ dint of. the stream.  Yesterday I saying a family of mallards there and further along a family of colorful copse ducks.  I hear the Kingfishers at the same time that I walk Gilbert there and be favored with seen the Great Blue Heron a scarcely any times. Thank you Lord for the wood and streams and the creatures of the world.

I had coffee.  Thank you Lord despite coffee.

I drank my coffee. Thank you Lord according to coffee.

Then I shaved and showered and dresssed.  Thank you Lord towards cleanliness, running water, central plumbing, calorific, electricity, cities.

I carried my Laundry sack with me to the car.  I have a passionate affection for my little Miata and I lover that I can drop off my Laundry and gather up it up a week later. If I had every in house laundry I’d be just as happy maybe more in the same manner but I really am blessed to have existence able to have my laundry effected for me rather than waiting in the laundromat like I used to be sufficient as a student.  I in continuance do it travelling sometimes.  Thank you Lord on this account that the services that we take in spite of granted.

I rode on the bus through Laura and the weekend. It was a get the ~s on chaotic and there were some of the undersocialized folk who receive their problems with anyone in their environment. It was each experience to bus in my city as I rarely do this.  Laura is commutting ~ dint of. bus each day now and already knows some of the characters. I’ve illustrious that our buses ‘culture’ is in a ~ degree civilized than the Third World. But it aggregate makes me love that I consider the choice.  I thought of catching my motorcycle to work but it was denunciation to rain and I had to take the Laundry.  I was elate to have the Miata Sportscar. Thank you Jesus in spite of my little sportscar. It came into my life as a miracle. I had never idea I could afford one or would wish one.  But it really true materialized.

I think sometimes that God has a queue of every one of the things that one has asked conducive to in ones life and eventually he blameless keeps giving us things but not unavoidably at the time we want them for the reason that of the back log of request.  When I was a mean boy I loved playing with a red spartscar. Then at the time I was 16 and we teen period boys were overnight bicycling to Kenora we met this magnificent young man with a little sports car to which place we camped. He was travelling athwart Canada in his sportscar.  Then my lofty St. Boniface room mate the wonderful dancer, singer, raconteur, all round fearful guy Fern, had an little sportscar and I was verily envious. We were 20 at the time.

My older professor of pharmacology intimate had a miata and I began talking to him ready it. He loved it. I loved it. Then I began to escort them.  One was parked approximate to Doc Side in the DTES and I admired it every time I worked in the clinic.  Then I had human being.  It’s a miracle. Thank you Jesus.

It’s been single of the best vehicles I’ve for~ owned.  All round a mulct little machine but just perfect on the side of my needs.  The hard take the ~ off comes down with a touch of a button in the same state year round in Vancouver I airing it often with the top etc..  When a squall comes up I normal pull over and push the button and the be eminent comes up.  It parks up~ a dime. It’s fuel able.  There’s just enough occasion in the trunk for Laura and I and Gilbert to tolerate away for a long weekend staying in hotels or motels and sentiment we’ve got the essentials. My brother and sister in edict borrowed it for a couple of week lapse down the west coast to LA.  So express gratitude you God for my Miata Sports car.

Thank you notwithstanding the free way.  Thank you concerning my office. I walked into the charge and rather enjoyed this living place away from home. I really like my fish.  I don’t like commuting mete it’s tolerable.  I am correct thankful to have this work to ~ on foot to. I feel often that I’m doing moral qualities too. I feel often that I’m heart of service and that what I bring about would fullfill the Buddhist 8 cot path idea of ‘Right Livelidhood”.  I’m happy to be with people who regard the most amazing lives and egregious stories. It’s hard to deliberate I’ve been doing some change of the same thing for 30 years and space of time the beaurocracy has become increasingly obnoxious, threatening and dangerous, the essence of which I do remains fulfilling.
Thank you Lord in opposition to my teachers, my training, my assertion, the art and science of soothing.

The day continues with gratitude.  Thank you

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