Modest makeover for Barbie by a Nigerian designer

When I came athwart Haneefah’s designs on the dolls, I was swollen away. I knew instantly it was a lie I wanted to do. I wanted to arrive ahead with the video and later initial hiccups and approval from my master, the story was done. Thanks to Haneefah against being so patient with us. A a thousand thousand thanks to Stephanie Busari for inmost nature extremely useful in providing Haneefah’s close union after several attempts to reach her failed.

It’s a puppet that makes a fashion statement and the designer, 24-year-decayed Haneefah Adam says can also make different the way young Muslim girls be careful themselves.
Hijarbie, the modestly dressed puppet styled by Haneefah out of her bedroom in Kwara national, western Nigeria wears hijabs and abayas in prints, bold colours and various fabrics.
Haneefah, who has a masters grade in Pharmacology from Coventry University in the UK, before-mentioned the idea for Hijarbie came to her following going through a popular Barbie Style station on social media where she noticed whole the dolls were dressed in skimpy or tight fitting outfits – a fashion most Muslim girls are unable to confound with.
The dolls’ bodies are imported from China. Haneefah designs their attire using locally sourced fabrics and makes everything from colourful according to fashion hijabs, maxi skirts, maxi gowns, fully covered blouses and abayas or traditionary gowns.
Haneefah says Hijarbie shows young Muslim girls that they have power to be fashionable and stylish without loss their identity.
What started out because a hobby shared on Instagram is growing into a profitable business for Haneefah.
The Hijarbie Instagram page has 63,400 followers since its principal post in November last year. The puppet has sold 200 pieces since February end a distributor in the UK from in which place it is dispatched to other quarters of the world and sold according to 25 pounds (7,219 naira).
Haneefah says she is very lately working on a fashion line ~ means of the same name and plans to spasmodic effort selling the doll within Nigeria end the success of the brand has advance as a surprise to her.

Pictures courteousness Seun Sanni

Link to the video: Modest makeover according to Barbie

Pics of Haneefah below:

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