When scientists are looking with regard to presence of water in some other planets, we doctors are tiresome our best to know as much details as possible about our hold body. Starting from the days which time dead bodies were stolen from the graveyard with equal rea~n that they can learn about the structure of various organs, we have tend hitherward a long way with the forgery of sophisticated devices and techniques like X- gleam, echo, ultrasound, CT- Scan, MRI and to such a degree on. With such advancement in medicinal science we are still lacking at the back in exploring the treatment of multiplied diseases and their pathogenesis.

Going end more than five years long trip to become a doctor with honorable concept is not that easy, there are failures and frustrations that prepare the reason to leave the system in between. Being most expensive and sophisticated succession, it is not uncommon to obtain medical students undergoing depression and committing suicide in their move rapidly. Apart of teaching medical subjects and therapeutical ethics it is high time on account of the medical schools of the nature to come up with some motivating and interactive sitting time and again to make the process more ease and effective.

When we go into medical school, we are already loaded by pressure from family, neighbour and forward top of that monetary crisis. Repeating the definition 10- 20 -30 times may not subsist sufficient to make it perfect and competent the definition may not be bring to ~ion unless you can present it among the audience.

There are several thinking principle why medical students are more propense for depression, some of them are:

Lacking base general

–          Some students do lack the base concept about the human dead ~. Working as academic coordinator for MBBS students, I require encountered many times, when first year medicinal students believe that there are two liver/s and spleen is benefaction inside the ear. They lack the basic concept that should be obtained before entering into medicinal school, mostly during the secondary schooling.

Huge volume of books

–          There are bulky number of books that has to have ~ing covered in short span of time and many times medical students gets confused finding habit out to cover such voluminous thesis in short span of time.

No idea  to prepare in the place of the exams

–          Most of the time curative students have no idea on preparing on account of the exams, preparing for the exams in totally different and going through the entire topic book just before the exams is not likely. Students don’t know the areas that they have to focus on towards the exams.

Time management

–          Managing time is ~ly difficult task for all of us. We many times make routine for time management no more than I wonder how many of us come the routine. It is not in posse to maintain the routine may have existence due to human habits or some other reasons.

Personal issues

–          As the hunt is of longer duration, many general condition of affairs students has to struggle with personal issues like suffering from diseases, liking, marriage, break-ups, illness in subdivision of an order members, death of family members and such on . Sometimes remaining far from the home and home complaint account for degradation of quality.

The next question is finding the solution by reason of all the mentioned issues, and it may not be easy to implement the solution in adapted to practice life. There are ways to deal through each of the problems mentioned higher than.

Choose the profession you love, there are students joining medical school inasmuch as of the pressure from their parents and that creates the worse doctors in our community. The dream of parents to view their children as doctors (who are not biassed) is one of the reasons as far as concerns production of worse doctors.

Do not study even-handed to pass the exams, study to ~ by heart good concept. Make study correlating each subject with human body and try to constitute concept when you study. Concept lasts longer than memorizing details.

Most of the time we try to clean different subjects in short period of time and we confer not repeat or revise sufficiently. It is not feasible to get good concept until you re-examine the text several times. To arrive the concept into long term monumental record, revision is must. Revising maximum general condition of affairs gives you confidence. I have seen of the healing art students saying, they don’t be in possession of confidence to present any medical topics. And shortness of confidence may be due to scarcity of revision. If someone ask my give an appellation to for 100 times, I will answer my remembrance perfectly even for the 100th time since it is in my long name memory and I have revised single times that my name is Mr …………….

Try to produce notes for what you study and form habit of writing note in your confess way, and do not forget to cynical check whether your writing is accurate or not. Try explaining every sanatory detail to mass/colleagues/friends. Explaining resolves the disarray and the more you explain the other perfect confidence you gain.

While preparing as far as concerns the exams focus on exam style and write as per the marks. Sometimes we inscribe long answers just because we comprehend it which often irritates the inspector. Write what is asked, and try to construct it technical. Do not try to elucidate medical terminologies as layman.

Make condition of reading daily, we are in office where we are learning from books/patients from first to last our lives. Habit of daily interpretation will help you to get updated attached recent advancement and will make you fully convinced.


Don’t take therapeutical course as burden.

Don’t be ~ more and revise less.

Don’t read only during the exams.

Don’t pause to learn from any one, younger, seniors, teachers, and patients.

Don’t hesitate to say “No” when you don’t comprehend.

Don’t be over confidence.

Don’t neglect, you are human being first and at another time a doctor.

Don’t hesitate to regard seniors and teachers. The know something of moment that you don’t know but that you need to know.

Don’t be ~ without concentration.

Don’t forget to re-examine as many times as possible.

Don’t fix upon more books for single subjects.

Don’t study exact to pass the exams.

Don’t accord. up. I have found that 90 % losers are those the million who give up on the course.

Don’t compare with others.

Don’t move after success. Run after excellence, success will follow you.

Photo courtesy:

Dr. Bivek Singh

Author “A Journey into the human body”

Author “Pharmacology Simplified”

Instructor (BPH/PCL/B Sc Nursing)

Academic coordinator (MBBS)

Board of Directors, Medical Outreach Nepal, San Francisco, United States

More ~times than not they are not seen since new found friend.

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