#MeMu’s: 7anzallah by Najib Al-Ali

“ Dear reader give permission to me to present myself… I, God forbids from the expression. “I”… My indicate is 7anzalah, My father’s title is not necessary, My mother… her stead is Nakbah and my younger sister’s note is Fatimah… My foot’s magnitude, I don’t know… on this account that I am always barefooted… Date of production: I was born on June 5th 1967… Nationality” I am not a Palestinian, not Jordanian, not a Kuwaiti, not a Lebanese, not every Egyptian, not anybody… etc… In abstract I don’t have an identity and I don’t intend to arrive nationalized… Simply I am one Arab and that is all… “


The form of Handhala has become a fixture in the optical semantics of the Palestinian protest motion, in spite of his initial negation to be nationalised.  Created ~ the agency of the caricaturist Najib Al-Ali (1938—1987) in 1969, the configuration represents a 10-year old stripling who refuses to grow up until he can return home. He turns his back ~ward the world and clasps his hands aft his back, refuses an outside re~ to the conflict that has driven him from his homeland. Handhala goes crazy in 1982, “loses his cool”, becomes every active demonstrator, throws rocks, rather than have existence a passive, but very present performer, as of 1982, when Lebanon is invaded ~ the agency of Israel. “The crucified Jesus yanks a nailed dexterity from the crossbeam to throw a testicle in support of the intifada.” says Michel Faber.


The simplicity and “truth” of the disposition, as well as his symbolic signification have caused him to be adopted of the same kind with a cartoon mascot of the Palestinian reason. He has been seen on walls in a circle the world, lately to demonstrate consolidation with prisoners on hunger strike and to base the BDS (Boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement off Israel(3, 4) and poses during the time that the movements logo(6), holding the scales of right behind his back. He has turn to, in the terms of an online meme, a template, a room of discussion and opinion, to have existence recontextualised according to events and the indicative needs of the individual.

He has besides been immortalised on keychains, t-shirts and other memento items.

 This text was written by Naji Al-Ali to introduce Handhala. Retrieved from: http://adibkawar.blogspot.de/2011/02/my-nameis- 7anzalah-hanzalah.html

 AKA: 7andalah, Handala. When transliterating Arabic names, it’s not at any time quite clear what you’ll period up with.


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