Life, as it is.

If you’re prelection this cos you clicked onto the constituent piece on my profile, well, hi.

I’ve usually been peculiar about what I share on my online journal but I guess this is the singly space left to rant about my thoughts and my feelings. And on the supposition that you’re going to read and pass judgment, I won’t stop you cos everyone’s entitled to their avow opinion.


It has been sum of ~ units weeks since school reopened and now that I’m in the secondary year of the course, it but means more responsibilities are piled onto my projection. New modules – pharmacology, statistics and whatnot. On some days, I try rly hard to stay not asleep and vigil, to grasp and learn anything that I can. On some days, I don’t cos I’m tired, I rly am.

But for what cause am I so tired? Work.

It has been draining every bit of energy left inside of me. No quirk. I think being an adult sucks cos you’re being tied down to more responsibilities and I’m deplorable to be independent, here. I’m working almost everyday after school and weekends likewise. It’s not the job that’s wearing me audibly but the traveling to and from North – West that is, grieve.

I’m not complaining but I’m suitable … exhausted.

I’m at a rly blissful place in life right now.

Blessed, in such a manner blessed.


I promise to last this blog alive.

I’m verily looking for friends for a mount trekking trip. To Indonesia or Malaysia. I’ve been seeing too many pictures on Instagram and double tapping up~ the body them is not enough to admire the beauty of such scenic views. I’d good-will to experience it first hand boundary you know what’s tough?

Trying to attain to someone as adventurous as you are.

Geez, to the time when then, I shall just “trek” to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve or Macritchie Reservoir, lol.

Before I cessation this, every word/point on this unite is so true. Well, minus the dormant around part.

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