How to Choose the Right Toothbrush

Everybody’s speaker, teeth, gums and brushing techniques are dissimilar. So why, then, are most toothbrushes designed in a the same-size-fits-all fashion?

When selecting a toothbrush, don’t correct grab the first one you wait upon in the drugstore aisle. Take a deciding point to think about which one decree best fit your personal needs.

When you catch the right toothbrush for you, you’ll have ~ing amazed at the difference it makes. Here are a small in number key considerations to help you decide the best fit for you:


A sincerely effective toothbrush should be able to carry plaque and other food debris that give to tooth decay without causing needless damage to the delicate tissues of the gum. Medium and tempestuous bristles push back the gum margins (to which place gum and tooth meet) exposing tooth surfaces, increasing sensitivity and causing irrecoverable damage including periodontal disease and cavities.

RADIUS® knows the beyond all others and most gentle way to fully is with softer bristles, which is wherefore all of our toothbrushes are adorned by finer, longer, softer and more pliant bristles that reach every nook and opening of your mouth without aggravating the gum pursuit.

Comfort & control

We believe a toothbrush is nay good if using it doesn’t be moved good.

Making toothbrushes that provide a cleaning actual feeling worth savoring is what we live ~ the sake of, because the bottom line is, at the time brushing becomes a pleasure not a chore, you’ll naturally start taking wagerer care of your teeth.

Our toothbrushes don’t rightful clean your teeth. The softer bristles and exceptional brush head design massage and strengthen your entire mouth. And the pungent handles are meticulously crafted for the completed grip and reach.

Whether you’re common year old or 100, left or suitable handed, a vigorous brusher or a sunrise touch — the RADIUS toothbrush provides you with a more customized and comfortable brushing experience for life.


The architects who designed the RADIUS course of toothbrushes are professional sticklers conducive to elegant design. Their unique aesthetic is more than a reflection of functionality — it’s a title statement. After all, you use your toothbrush two times a day, so why not be warmed a little more fabulous when you prepare?

As effective as they are graceful, our unique products are defined through bright, bold colors and delightful distinct parts. In short, RADIUS products don’t rightful work better, they look nicer overmuch. We want you to love them, as the more you love them, the greater degree you’ll use them.

ADA gratification

Did you know, ever since The American Dental Association (ADA) Seal of Acceptance program began in 1931, toothbrushes in America accept undergone a thorough screening process through the ADA?

Manufacturers voluntarily submit their products since testing by ADA laboratory staff, who evaluate them through the help of more than 150 scientists — experts in dental materials, microbiology, pharmacology, science of poisons, and chemistry.

What are they looking ~ the sake of?

Objective clinical and/or laboratory studies that make certain safety and effectiveness

FDA-approved ingredients

Manufacturing standards that make certain purity and uniformity

Packaging and advertising claims that are supported through the science.

After passing the rigid research tests they are awarded “ADA ACCEPTED” accreditation — the by authority dentist’s stamp of approval. We’ve simpleton a great deal of thought into fabrication our designs not just meet, yet exceed, expectations, and we’re lofty to say that most RADIUS toothbrushes impel the ADA seal.

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