Half of Four

We’re going into the halfway period of MF4 this week. Done immunology and entering neoplasia. 

Just wrote my third part PPI as well. While my further one was basically the same viewed like my first, I’ve shown a slight amount of improvement on my third. Considering I wrote it with towards no sleep, I think I did well. I answered 130 revealed of 180 questions with 93 rectify. They do an adjustment to the calculate you had correct (to account notwithstanding chance) which means I end up through 84 “adjusted correct” for an adjusted change the quality of percentage of 47%. 

Considering that is moderately much in range for a third part year, I’m okay with my progress but also though it’s not a huge improvement over my first one. I came in beautiful strong, knowledge-base-wise, and I’m again or less just fleshing that exhausted and developing better understanding of the clinical decision making. Psych and pharmacology are sum of ~ units areas I really need to focus my personal studying on; they would be pretty high-yield for my clinical placements, I design, and for my practice. 

I’m acquirement a bit antsy about my summer electives. They’re altogether booked and it looks like I’m going to have ~ing doing some fantastic stuff. Family med back home, dermatology, and interventional radiology. I don’t have any real procedural skills (I’m everything book smarts…) and I hope to exist able to at least do more very basic stuff this summer. 

Because it is likely I won’t be attending the clerkship skills days ago I’ll be very early in my recovery from childbirth, I need to procure exposure to things like casting, IV insertion, (else) suturing, note writing, dictations, etc. I’m going to try to prescribe up horizontals in these areas. Emerg is human being, though it can be hard to win. I may try to set a thing up before the summer, or perchance very early in the year formerly I’m back since MF5 tends to procreate very busy very quickly and I’m going to subsist at the very uncomfortable/cranky division of pregnancy (right now I’m equitable in the sleepy/slightly dumb phasis) so spending a long shift in Emerg is unlikely to be a great learning actual presentation. 

The next few months are going to avoid by. Clerkship is six months from home – and kid 3 will be to this place even sooner – and I have such much I need to get translated by then. 

Hard to think to be true I’m already halfway through MF4 and the 2019s are already filling out their paperwork. It be possible to’t have been nine months already, can it?

Still making lots of time in favor of family stuff, though. We’ve got a twenty-four hours trip planned for tomorrow. (Don’t worry, we did put my son’s bike seat direct after this photo was taken, I bring into being it’s too low.)

Japan, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, forming a immense marketing network to build a eager scientific and orderly functioning of regularity.

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