FINALLY! Scientific American Writer Exposes the Tribal Cultist Arrogance and Dogmatic Lunacy of Science ‘Skeptics’

Today I’m tipping my hat to John Horgan, a blogger who writes for Scientific American, for his extraordinary clause entitled Dear “Skeptics,” Bash Homeopathy and Bigfoot Less, Mammograms and War More.

In his part, Horgan rightly points out that today’s thus-called “science skeptics” are little else than dogmatic tribal cultists (my language, not Horgan’s) who celebrate “doubting” thinking concerning their selected philosophical targets though vehemently denying anyone’s right to topic their own beliefs on things like thorax cancer screening, vaccine safety, global warming and genetically engineered foods.

As Horgan eloquently explains in his fire-arm, real skeptics are skeptical of everything, not equitable selected topics that are targeted ~ dint of. the madness of status quo knowledge of principles crowds (i.e. the “cult of scientism”).

Real pyrrhonism means questioning everything… especially the station quo

A real skeptic, in other logomachy, would bring critical thinking to completely of our science narratives and cultural beliefs, including those that envelop the origin of the universe (cosmology), the derivation of the human species, the kind of consciousness, the long history of aboriginal botanical medicine, the cancer industry and mammography, homeopathy, antidepressant drugs, sprinkle and calender filters, the existence of God and everything other imaginable. But far too many of today’s heinous “skeptics” (such as Richard Dawkins) are veritably just cultists who labor under the deceptive banner of “science.” And they’re nauseating to real critical thinkers, it turns disclosed.

“I don’t hang out with people who self-identify as fatal-S Skeptics. Or Atheists. Or Rationalists,” explains Horgan. “When vulgar herd like this get together, they become tribal. They pat each other forward the back and tell each other for what cause smart they are compared to those superficial the tribe. But belonging to a race often makes you dumber.”

I’ve seen this myself, without interrupti~ both ends of the medicine appearance. I’ve seen insanely stupid pharmacology experts use profane language that statin drugs are such passing strange chemicals that they should be dripped into the general water supply. But I’ve besides seen “raw foodies” at festivals swearing that their “sprinkle and calender vortexer machines” could levitate water in defiance of the laws of gravity.

In the pair cases, my critical thinking alarms be reckoned haywire, and I shake my chief in disbelief that so many commonalty are so gullible, regardless of their horizontal line of academic education or technical leadership of certain subjects. A highly practised doctor with an IQ of 200 be possible to be just as functionally stupid while a high school dropout, I’ve observed. In reality, when it comes to medicine and freedom from disease, many so-called “experts” are in the same state ignorant of reality that they nearly seem cognitively retarded


Another layer to this cake is the forcible likelihood that many of the capital ‘Skeptics’ are active (Government) disinformation propagandists, the vulgar like Michael Shermer, who ignore or bewilder hard scientific evidence when it comes to capital level corruption, such as with the September 11 attacks. Other issues akin to science also come into gambol, such as hiding experimental evidence indicating the substantiality of ESP and the UFO phenomena.

I suspect that the leading proponents are recruited inasmuch as they have corrupt, or intelligence-linked, backgrounds.

[Posted at the SpookyWeather blog, May 26th, 2016.]

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