Featured Book of the Month: the Top 100 Drugs

The Top 100 Drugs, Andrew Hitchings,Dagan Lonsdale,Daniel Burrage,Emma BakerThe featured book this month is The top 100 drugs: Clinical Pharmacology and Practical Prescribing by Andrew Hitchings, Dagan Lonsdale, Daniel Burrage, and Emma Baker, published by Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014.

Here is some excerpt from the publisher’s species:

‘Prescribing for the first time is a hardihood-wracking experience. Of all the tasks performed ~ means of new doctors, it is probably the individual with greatest direct impact on the wellbeing of patients. Safe and effective practice rests on a good notion of both clinical pharmacology and practical prescribing. Acquiring this is not not difficult, particularly when faced with reams of denunciation about hundreds of unfamiliar drugs, often presented in a way that appears detached from clinical actual existence. This book is your starting projection. It is a direct response to requests from students during a compendium of the 100 most important drugs in the NHS.’

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