Events and Activities for Schools – Summer Term 2016

Calling quite teachers!

We’ve recently sent not at home an email with a round-up of changeable events happening this term (see in the lower regions). If you would like to embrace future editions please email

University of Bristol events and activities in the place of schools

EPQ Library Visits, 21st June and 7th July

The library are hosting release group visits to the University in opposition to Yr 12 students doing the EPQ on 21st June (20 places remaining) and 7th July (30 places remaining). The sunlight will start with a talk (09.45-10.30am) to lead in students to the library system, in that case students can use any university library to exploration their EPQ topic until 3.00pm. Library Services at the University of Bristol wish over one million books, journals and other publications that students be able to use. Students can use the examiner scheme to make individual return visits to the library for the time of July and August to continue their study.

For more information and to work your place, email

Biomedical Sciences Taster Days, 20th June and 21st June

The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences are offering taster days for Yr 12 students studying sciences. The epoch will give students a taste of undergraduate breeding as well as some laboratory practical experience, with sessions from Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, and Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience. There command also be an opportunity to be in store for a lecture about current research in the officers of instruction and to receive admissions advice onward of UCAS applications. Students will exigency to book on to the time individually; each place costs £5. Lunch and refreshments behest be provided.

For more information and to main division your place, go to 

Science Educator Residency, 6th-7th July

Interactive Scientific are looking conducive to science teachers to take part in a Science Educator Residency.  Fully funded places self-reliance be offered to science teachers who make certain an interest in enhancing science learning both in and out of the classroom. The end takes place at the Royal Society‘s Chicheley Hall, and the essay is “Making the Invisible Visible”. It volition explore how teachers can communicate incapable of being seen, abstract concepts in science to their students and make exciting demonstrations including: Nano Simbox, danceroom Spectroscopy, Spectroscopy in a Suitcase and the Global Experiment. Interactive Scientific Ltd are running the result in collaboration with the University of Bristol, Corsham Institute and the Royal Society of Chemistry. The Science Educator Residency includes some evening (6th July) and united full day (7th July). It is largely catered, accommodation is provided and journey expenses will be covered.

For further information and to apply, go to:

Quantum in the Summer, 25th-29th July

The Centre conducive to Quantum Photonics are giving Sixth Form students the suitable to spend a week at the universal school, getting an insight into the application of light in photonics, spanning optics and quantum computing. The summer sect is aimed at students with a ~-sighted interest in physics and engineering who would like to harness material beyond the curriculum. Students volition also have the opportunity to determine an issue out about the work of quantum natural philosophy researchers and career options in the scene of military operations. The deadline to apply is the 7th June.

For additional information and to apply, go to:

From Plants to Planes, May to December

Engineers from the University of Bristol are giving schools the chance; fit to host a workshop about the conversion to an act of renewable materials in STEM industries, including aerospace and the biomedical effort; labors. The workshop is based around current investigation looking into extracting cellulose from plants and processing them into rank fibres for use in engineering applications. It is aimed at KS4/5 and students order be the scientists as they involve out research around this topic and at hand their findings to the rest of the assemblage. The workshop is available from May to Dec 2016 (approx. 2 hrs by workshop in school but this is docile).

If you are interested or would like more information, please contact

Synenergene Theatre Project, from July

An exciting suitable for teachers to collaborate on a recently made known theatre project for schools; the literary institution has partnered with a local seat company to create a play surrounding the ethics of synthetic biology for example part of a large European stand out called Synenergene ( The wave is based on cutting-edge exploration taking place at the University and we are seeking teachers to deliberate on the design of the perform and support its development for a instruct audience. This will involve a embrace of meetings (from July) with synthetic biology researchers and scene practitioners plus giving feedback on the script. The require to be paid of your cover and travel resolution be paid for. The play pleasure then be performed in your place of education in the academic year 2016/17.

If you are prejudiced or have any questions, please contact or

Western Outreach Network

Don’t slight you can check out outreach opportunities from from one side of to the other the four universities in Bristol and Bath by way of the Western Outreach Network:

Hope to inquire you at some of these events!

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