Compositional thinking, or ‘deconstruction as composition’

I’ve been re-reading Dan Ross’ excellent chapter in the edited collection Stiegler and Technics entitled “Pharmacology and Critique in imitation of Deconstruction” and wanted to post one excerpt because it seems to me common of the clearest interpretations of single in kind of the foundations of Bernard Stiegler’s conceit: “composition”. This is a brief excerpt but I thoroughly recommend rendering Dan’s chapter, and indeed the uninjured book – which is really proper!

Stiegler inherits more from Derrida than from in ~ degree other thinker: ‘deconstructive’ thinking is translated in Stieglerian stipulations into ‘compositional’ thinking:

Deconstruction is a reflecting of composition in the sense that composition is ‘older’ than opposition (the sort of Simondon would have called a ‘transductive relation’: that is, a narrative that constitutes its terms, the stipulations not existing outside the relation). It is a description that is the vehicle of a protuberance (that of différance), one very cease, I would argue, to what Simondon elaborates in conditions of a ‘process of individuation’ (Stiegler 2001: 249-250).

Deconstruction, pursuing the complex genesis of oppositional pairs, amounts to the working out of s process of becoming. It is therefore more consistent than first appearances main indicate with the theories of Gilbert Simondon, in opposition to whom the key was not to make a ~ning with terms or individuals and on that account think their ‘relation’; rather, it is the progress itself that ‘has the station of being’ (Simondon 1992: 306).


To this kindred of differance to individuation should have existence added the influence of Nitetzsche, against whom existence must be understood in the same proportion that a play of forces, or, victory, of tendencies. The formation of oppositions from anterior compositions is an expression of this game of tendencies…

And it may alter belief out that where compositional thought is noble to deconstructive thought is in construction it possible to think de-arrangement […] Deconstruction thus tends, possibly, to perceive less clearly the pharmacological dangers of the deconstruction of ‘oppositions’, and the chance that distinctions may on occasion have existence precisely what need to be preserved, that is, saved.

Ross, D 2015 “Pharmacology and Critiques posterior Deconstruction”, in  Howells, C and Moore, G eds. Stiegler and Technics, Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 245-246.

Other references:

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