All levels pharmacology and/or electrocardiogram (ecg) interpretation

(Original put in the mail by Michaellp)
I am seeking others in the Edinburgh district who are currently studying the beyond.

Hi, welcome to TSR. I chance of the desired end you are finding it useful in like manner far. I removed the email speak to from your post because it’s a crack of our terms and conditions, and we scantiness to protect our users.

If you wish to master help with your studies ie like the small string title is suggesting with the ECG interpretations, hereafter our members will be able to remedy you out if you post the ECG graphs and the questions you are stuck with.

Otherwise, if you are looking because other students in the Edinburgh circuit, you will be better off construction a post in The University of Edinburgh court of justice. Or alternatively, you could make a fibre in the Scotland Universities forum.

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