You are living in the most bizarre and insane world – ever

I suppose you should realize this for a thing done – especially younger readers who have known nihility different, and who do not understand old books to discover the thing done.

It has become very difficult, unmistakably impossible, for people to become cognizant of the very extreme strangeness of which is taken for granted here and at this time. This awareness was actually sharp and able to endure even as recently as forty of fifty years gone – especially in relation to Man’s connection to nature – but (for all the by authority and media yammering about ‘the environment’) current agri~ shows little awareness even of this open fact.

Contemporary Man does not even know what he wants or necessarily – to the point that great efforts are expended up~ the body mocking, subverting or destroying those remaining scarcely any activities and things which provide actuality and goodness and connection.

Already in the middle twentieth century there was the wonderfulness of so many people spending in the way that much free time reading newspapers and magazines, listening to radio or vigilance the TV – now this type of activity has expanded to fill almost each waking moment… and it seems a family has been crossed at which the singularity is no longer apparent.

Indeed, the recognition of strangeness appears in those syllabus periods when not plugged into the media then the mobile phones must be bring forward aside for a few minutes or hours: destiny is normal, and normal is aversive.

And humans are civic and sexual; and our social and (especially) sexual lives are at this time almost wholly artificial, saturated in artificiality – to the point where normality is seen in the manner that bizarre, and indeed evil.

The contingent assumption , possible because of such flagrant ignorance and disdain for the spent and other societies, is that we, in this place, now have got things right and at hindmost understand what it is to have existence human (neither a man nor a woman, during the term of starters!)  – while everybody at each other time and place were sentient crudely hoodwinked.

I type this, session at a computer screen, linked to the cosmos via the Internet, engaged with it in more kind of subjective fashion – expecting some kind of feedback… how very fantastic. What a weird, doped, detached life we outstrip – even our antidotes to this estrangement or alienation are themselves modern, technical and forced – mass distractions and entertainments, mass science of harmonical sounds, pharmacology, intoxicants, travel, going to swollen buildings, participation in mass online conversations, mixing by crowds of strangers and the rest of it.

It is not overmuch much to call this world insane, in a fairly-strict sense of psychotic – i.e. keeping from subjectivity, cut-off from reality, and with no insight.  But at the time everybody is psychotic – then who makes the diagnosis?

This sincerely is the Most. Bizarre. World. Ever.

And we should not lose sight of the fact.

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