Words are good enough for me…

words2Words are interest enough for me…

Living this custom is more than a creed – it’s like aeriform fluid to the lungs… like carriage to my lungs. But bad tongues – the bad use of war of ~ – seems pure evil to me, and I can’t induce beyond it (that’s my chorus to live with, or die by).

Words are good enough for me, in this way I play with them.

Words are gratifying enough for me, so I give permission to them play with me.

Words are utility enough for me…

Workman by Day
A nobody to professors, a skilful artificer by day
this subtlety ordinary attendant said we write
(if we behave) for others and not ourselves;
a natural diversion for the wordy perversion
making things fit snug like a cestus once did,
hiding things curvy, restraining and deceiving
the favors like adverbs conducive to our great, untidied
neighbors, their reading a passion for our
weakened model of night’s haunts which
terrify us awake and forced to revolve in the mind
the nightmares of failures and grown up scares
which only verse hides the sort of sunlight chides.

Thoughts and Thoughts
A cogitation that can be thought
without a part thoughtful to be done
is no thought at all, but a absolute pretender;
thoughts which generate no ideas
and build the weak weep, the simple
pleasurable, and the frail cringe at whims
like wishes in this way all beggars ride. Puzzled and
vindictive ideas are harmless excuses of
unexamined life, a sermon looking for life
in the office of paranoid, naval-gazing
called spirituality, pharmacology without
diagnosis, life without debt of nature,
desire without lust, and obedience outside of
ignorance. Ruined lives litter the footway of
thoughts, bitter disciples
are casualties of this pedagogy,
in a passion tears are learners’ lovers, hemlock
cocktails blended by the bartender of the people.

And I Quote
What is a quote to be quoted
and to whom does it belong?
those marks ~ or other borrow
what I wish was my sonnet;
what I want as my allow
but someone found before,
almost whole way of words
I must acquire, and I adore;
sometimes because of who
on the other hand I prefer what is said,
the universe is but objects,
not facts’ expedient instead;
picture what is or is not,
further what is written is read
interruption asking what it means
or you’ll continually be misled;
while I will repeat as I wish
call me a crime of literary theft as well
all’s words and other altercation
not things we jsut misspell.

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